Pitching Drills - Increase Hip Speed to Increase your Baseball Pitching Speed!

Increasing your Hip Rotation Speed leads to increased pitching speed. Learn how now!
By: Hip Speed Trainer
MOORESVILLE, N.C. - Dec. 11, 2013 - PRLog -- Fastball pitching speed is a combination of correct mechanics along with correct kinematic sequencing of your body.

Major league pitchers have very fast hip speeds which allows energy to transfer to the torso and arm.

While studying the fastest pitchers on the planet it is easy to see how they have advanced hip speed rotation, a big first step and store tons of power through elastic energy of the muscles while pitching.

The Hip Speed Trainer is a great training tool to help baseball pitchers increase their itching speed by training proper motor control of the lower body and increasing hip rotation speed.

Here is a video explaing the importance of hip speed and pitching.


The science behind why hips are so important has to do with transferring a load through the body and is known as Proximal to Distal Sequencing.

In all ground based rotational sports requiring throwing (football, baseball, discuss, shot-put) and striking (golf, baseball, hockey, punching etc...) we develop a load from the ground and transfer that energy / force through our bodies to the final lever (punch, bat, club, stick etc...).

In order to transfer as much energy as possible we need to use our bodies in an efficient manor sequencing the energy transfer in a proper order.

This is what is known as Proximal to Distal Sequencing.

The first potential rotational speed multiplier are the hips.  Hip / Pelvic rotation begins with firing of the gluteus muscles and specifically the gluteus medius muscle as well as lower back lumbar rotator muscles.

The more motor control along with strength and speed of these muscles... the faster you can rotate the hips and increase over all performance.

You can purchase a Hip Speed Trainer for only $89 at http://www.hipspeedtrainer.com and start throwing faster pitches within a couple weeks!

Tom Lowrie

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