Kinetic Linking. Hit more Home Runs & Increase your Bat Speed with the Hip Speed Trainer

Learn how to create more power and speed in your baseball swing by understanding the importance hip rotation.
By: Hip Speed Trainer
MOORESVILLE, N.C. - Nov. 4, 2013 - PRLog -- Thanks to recent advances in 3D Sports Measurement Technology we now know how powerful rotational athletes do what they do!

One of the major contributing factors to producing power is called Kinetic Linking and or Kinematic Sequencing.

The principle is very simple once you understand it.  In all rotational sports we build a load into the ground and then turn the load into a force as it travels through the body - like a wave of energy.

A great analogy is a boxer throwing a right handed punch.  The boxer shifts his weight to his back foot (right foot), drives a load into the ground, rotates his hip torso arm and hand towards the target and SMACK.  The punch is delivered.

The key to producing lots of power is have excellent motor control of the hips, sequencing the hips prior to the torso and arm and rotating it with speed.

Ask and good boxing coach where a punch comes from and they will say "the hips".

So in baseball when we want to increase our bat speed and hit more home runs we need to increase motor control and speed of our hip rotation.  And rotate the hips prior to the torso, arms, hand...

Here is a 3D kinematic sequencing example of increasing a golfers club speed by 15 MPH as we increased hip rotation speed by 1 MPH.

A great training tool for increasing hip speed, bat speed and hitting more homeruns is the Hip Speed Trainer.

The Hip Speed Trainer was invented by a sports Biomechanist and Certified Personal Trainer using a 3D Sports Motion Measurement system.

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Tom Lowrie

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