2013 Remax World Long Drive Champion Tim Burke - Want to learn how to hit it that far?

There are certain characteristics that all of golf's long drivers have in common. In fact, all good golfers have the same trait in common as well. The 2013 Remax World Long Drive champion proved this to be true once again!
By: Hip Speed Trainer
tim burke
tim burke
MOORESVILLE, N.C. - Nov. 6, 2013 - PRLog -- When it comes to smashing a golf ball and becoming a world long drive champion you must be a good athlete.  No surprise there...

But when looking at what's really going on to produce such swing speeds we utilize the worlds best swing technologies such as the TPI 3D Biomechanical Analysis system from AMM.

What we find is that all higher level rotational athletes such as golfers (baseball, throwing, batting, hockey, tennis, punching, kicking) have a very similar pattern to how they develop speed and power.

It is called the Kinematic Sequence or Kinetic Linking.  There are multiple examples of these measurements through various sports.  We have personally measured hundreds of golfers, hockey slap shots, baseball swings and tennis forehands.

This video shows us helping one of our golfing clients go from 80 MPH to 95 MPH with increasing his hip speed.


A fundamental aspect of all great rotational athletes is excellent motor control, speed and power of the hips.

Athletes such as Tim Burke can generate hip speeds in excess of 4 MPH and are in proper kinematic sequence.

A proper kinematic swing sequence is from the ground up as we first create a load into the ground and then sequence that load as a force which travels through the body.

The first rotational speed multiplier is the hips.  Its is critical to have good motor control of the hips as well as speed and power control.  And Tim Burke most certainly does!

The force travels up the chain to the torso, arms and wrists until the moment of impact - max acceleration of the force.

We created the best rotational training tool for such rotational speed training.  Its called the Hip Speed Trainer.

If you want to hit longer drives, increase your golf swing, gain more power and control of your game...   Check out the Hip Speed Trainer at http://www.hipspeedtrainer.com

You can also email us at info@hipspeedtrainer.com or call us at 704-607-6975.

Tom Lowrie

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