The Best Water Bottles are Selected and Scrutinized in the Latest In-Depth Review by OutdoorGearLab

Editors' Choice, Best Buy and specialized Top Pick awards are granted to top performing models.
The thirteen contenders that were tested.
The thirteen contenders that were tested.
CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Feb. 1, 2017 - PRLog -- The reputable authority on gear reviews, OutdoorGearLab, has just released results for the top water bottle review. Thirteen vessels were selectively chosen to undergo rigorous testing designed to determine the preeminent models. Senior review editor, Jane Jackson, brought the contenders on rock climbing trips, hikes, mountain biking expeditions, and camping in the backcountry. The containers were also assessed while being used at work, the climbing gym, yoga sessions, and while traveling.

In addition to the real life testing, models were tested across various objective measures. The contenders were filled from faucets, fountains, and streams to assess their leakage potential. Multiple taste testers drank from each vessel and noted how the construction materials affected the taste of tap water. Reviewers recorded the time it took to wash each item by hand and durability was tested by dropping them from a half foot and then again from three feet to see how resilient they were. At the conclusion of the extensive analyzation, the models were rated over categories including resistance to retaining flavors, their effect on the taste of water, durability and ease of cleaning.

The winners are as follows:

Editors' Choice Award - Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth

The Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth is durable, simple to clean, and easy to drink from, which is why it earned the Editors' Choice award. The vessel rim doesn't scald your lips when filled with piping hot liquid and is comfortable to drink from. Additionally, the rubber carrying handle is simple in design yet utilitarian and easy to hold. Lead reviewer Jane Jackson raves, "We carried this item on long hikes in the backcountry with hot tea, used it around town, brought it to the climbing gym with ice water, and it remained our favorite by far."

Best Buy Award - Nalgene Wide-Mouth

The Nalgene Wide-Mouth won this award for performing at the top of its game without breaking the bank. It's both simple and practical, featuring measuring graduations, useful for backcountry cooking, and a no-frills, robust design. Testers appreciated the fact that the product materials didn't transpose its flavors on its contents, or markedly retain flavors from prior beverages. Overall, Jackson states, "Water vessel design has taken a turn for the overly complicated these days, but the Nalgene is a tried and tested favorite for its simple design."

Top Pick for Collapsible Bottle - Platypus SoftBottle

Although there were only a couple of contenders in this specialized category, the SoftBottle won this award with flying colors. It's lightweight, simple to fill, and reduces down to the size of a candy bar, making it a superior choice for backpacking or other activities where space is prime real estate. According to Jackson, "For only $9, the Platypus SoftBottle is an inexpensive, ideal choice for those planning on spending lots of time in the backcountry or on hiking trips where pack space and weight are concerns."

Top Pick for Glass Bottle - Lifefactory Glass Flip Cap

The Glass Flip Cap was chosen as Top Pick for the glass container category because it is both the most durable and effective of its kind. Featuring a soft and grippy silicone sleeve, it sits well in car cup holders, as well as your hands. Additionally, with an increasing demand for alternatives to plastic, this model fits the bill for a product free of chemical leaching. Testers were also very impressed when it passed the drop tests and stated, "Overall, if you take care of this product, it will take care of you."

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