IPHost Network Monitor – New Update of Web Transaction Monitor for E-Commerce Web Sites

Web Transaction Monitor, uptime and performance monitoring tool for Web sites and applications, has been updated. It allows monitoring every Web application compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The tool is add-on for IPHost Network Monitor.
NOVOSIBIRSK, Russian Federation - Aug. 22, 2013 - PRLog -- IPHostMonitor Inc., the developer of reliable monitoring tools, announces new features in IPHost Network Monitor, piece of software for uptime and performance monitoring of e-commerce web sites and web applications, various servers, network services and equipment.

The most important new feature is a support of a new engine for recording and monitoring based on Microsoft Internet Explorer browser in Web Transaction Monitor. Now IPHost Network Monitor users can monitor state-of-the-art web sites and web applications; actually, any web application compatible with IE can be monitored using Web Transaction Monitor. Other significant features are advanced step by step replay and functionality that facilitates web transaction editing and maintenance.

Web Transaction Monitor (WTM) http://iphostmonitor.com/webtransactionmonitor.html provides web site owners and webmasters with a tool designed for end-to-end monitoring of web sites and web based applications. WTM stands apart from most of traditional web monitoring tools thanks to its ability to monitor the whole web transactions like an entire checkout process for an e-commerce site. The tool simulates the steps of real user activity so it is able to monitor what's up with the real user experience of an online shop or enterprise web application. The tool notifies persons concerned (by email, SMS, or instant messenger) if performance becomes unacceptable, some step of transaction fails or downtime occurs.

This end-to-end monitoring is an essential task for each business that relies on web applications in its everyday activity. For Internet companies whose core business is provided by web sites, applications and services such monitoring is a vital part of their business operations.

A WTM user need not be an expert in monitoring and web applications to create a meaningful web transaction monitor. The browser-based recorder allows creating a monitor by simply navigating through the web pages containing functionality subject to monitoring. The Replay function provides means to visually check that web transaction recording goes flawlessly and the resulting monitor works correctly. This function is extremely helpful when a performance or availability problem occurs in a web application; replaying the same request sequence helps to understand which operations produce expected result, and which do not. Replaying also allows validating the fixes made to restore operability.

Web Transaction Monitor is available as an add-on for IPHost Network Monitor and priced at $199 for 5-monitor packs, the option with an unlimited number of WTM monitors is priced at $499.

About IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor is a cost-effective, easy-to-use network, server and application monitoring tool specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses with up to several hundred monitored devices and systems. IPHost Network Monitor helps network and server administrators ensure operability and performance of local and wide area network resources. The Remote Network Agent feature allows administrators to monitor all types of resources supported by IPHost Network Monitor just as if they were located in the network of main installation. The advanced alerting system supports notifications by e-mail, SMS, instant messengers, audio and visual alerts, also the system can be set to execute a program or run a script over SSH (on the monitoring server or on a remote computer), or to manage the network equipment using the SNMP SET command. Reporting and graphs are available through a web interface.

Pricing and Availability

Prices start from $199 for the Basic edition with 100 monitors, the Enterprise edition with an unlimited number of monitors is priced at $1499. The Remote Network Agents functionality is available in Professional 1000 and Enterprise editions. The complete list of editions is available at order page http://www.iphostmonitor.com/order.html .

IPHost Network Monitor is designed for Microsoft Windows. The 30-day trial version with the full set of features limited to 20 monitors can be downloaded as iphostmonitor.exe.

Publisher & Editorial Information

IT reviewers are encouraged to use this press release and any other related materials. We will be pleased to grant you a free registration key. If you do not consider electronically distributed software, please e-mail us with the details of your postal address and we will send you a jewel case. Cover media editors are authorized to include the 30-day trial version of IPHost Network Monitor in their CD/DVD-ROMs.

Grasmick Alexander
Product Marketing Manager
IPHostMonitor Inc. PRs
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