Global Product Management Talk On Why Exceptional Product Managers Have Many Mentors

Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMM Discusses The Importance Of Creating A Culture Of Mentoring In The Product Management Professions
Hector Del Castillo
Hector Del Castillo
July 20, 2012 - PRLog -- San Francisco - New and seasoned product professionals confront challenges and obstacles on a daily basis due to any number of reasons. People are thrust into positions of authority over products, projects, programs and processes and expected to successfully produce desired product results. This discussion will address the barriers to breaking into a product management role or product team for new product management professionals, as well as the challenges of advancing in their career for rising product management professionals and the importance of creating a culture of mentoring within the product management professions for the benefit of the individuals, the product teams, the success of the product and the business organizations.

Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMM will speak at the weekly Global Product Management Talk on Monday, July 30, 2012 at the simultaneous times of 4:00 PM Pacific Time, 6 PM CST Chicago, and 7 PM ET Boston. Participants are welcome to listen live at, call in to talk on the show (323) 927-2957 or Tweet using the hashtag #ProdMgmtTalk.

Hector says, "I'm looking forward to this important discussion with the Global Product Management Talk since I speak with professionals seeking to advance their product management careers on a daily basis. I'm delighted to join other participants in the ProdMgmtTalk community who already serve as mentors, perhaps in an informal way, by generously sharing their expertise and contributing to the visibility of the product manager's role in successfully guiding products throughout the entire product lifecycle process."

Each week, The Global Product Management Talk features an expert guest discussing pre-posted questions with the co-hosts and Twitter participants broadcast live over BlogTalkRadio. The transcript of Tweets and podcast are available following the event for on-demand consumption on the web, iTunes, Google Play and mobile devices. Get reminders and listen live by following

Monday, July 30, 2012 at the simultaneous times of 4:00 PM PT, 6:00 PM CST, and 7:00 PM ET Boston
About Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMM

Hector Del Castillo has over 10 years of experience managing products throughout the development life cycle and directing product strategy. He has launched 25 high technology products and solutions resulting in over $25M in achieved global sales revenue.

He is a highly accomplished, results-oriented, energetic and innovative professional with extensive full product life cycle management and product marketing experience, with a strong understanding of how to tailor the product management process to the specific needs and organizational structure of a technology-based company. He has expertise defining and launching products and solutions, creating product messaging and positioning, developing marketing collateral and sales tools, and performing comparative and competitive analysis based on market research. He also helps experienced managers understand the product management process and prepare for certification through practical training courses as Product Marketing Director at the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM).

Hector is a Certified Product Manager (CPM) and Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM). He earned M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Texas at El Paso and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Contact Hector Del Castillo
hmdelcastillo at
Twitter: @hmdelcastillo

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The Global Product Management Talk is curated by Cindy F. Solomon for passionate product professionals and business owners who want to teach, learn & network about what it takes to produce successful products. Everyone is invited including Agile practitioners, User Experience, Designers, Content and Community Managers, Product Marketing, Brand Management, Program Managers and Project Managers, Customer Service and Support, Social Media, Strategists and Innovation Management, CEOs, Founders, and all those involved with developing, designing & launching products, innovation and startups through the entire product lifecycle process to guarantee successful products and companies.

Global Product Management Talk is a weekly mini-product camp Socratic discussion of pre-posted questions with live audio of thought leader and co-hosts commenting.

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