Connecticut School Sets Up a Bed Bug Forum

A bed bug open forum is set to take place in one of Greenwich, Connecticut's schools. The discussion will center on the prevention of bed bugs and what to do if they are found.
By: Caroline Cooper
Jan. 12, 2012 - PRLog -- Same with most of the states in the county, bed bugs had been sighted in Connecticut. And to the fight them off, a bed bug open forum will be held in one of the state's campuses. Sharing the same goals of bed bug prevention and elimination with Connecturt, BedBugsBeware recommended that a green bed bug spray must be sprayed.

The said bed bug open forum will take place in Greenwich High School on January 25, 2012. Local experts will share with the public steps to prevent bed bug presence. Actions to be taken if the pests are discovered will be discussed as well.

Reportedly, Hamilton Avenue School got three separate bed bug incidents last December. It was said that a student brought the pests to the campus. BedBugsBeware believes that those bed bug sightings are what compelled the state to schedule the said open discussion.


“Knowledge is power when it comes to bed bugs. Learn everything about them and you'll have a much bigger chance of avoiding them. Hence, if you are a Greenwich resident, why not attend the bed bug open forum that will be held in Greenwich High School?”

“On January 25, 2012, 7 pm, local experts of Greenwich Connecticut will share important information about bed bugs to the public in Greenwich High School. Particularly, they will discuss how to prevent the pests and what steps you will need to take if you find them in your place or anywhere else.”

“Last December, three bed bugs were found in Hamilton Avenue School in three separate incidents. It was concluded that the alive and dead bed bugs discovered were brought to the school by a student. Affected classrooms were treated last winter break with steam treatment.”

“Those three bed bug incidents in just a month could have been what prompted the state to set the coming bed bug open forum. And given that the pests easily spread, the forum is surely needed.”

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“The public will get the chance to learn more about bedbugs from state and local experts at an open forum at Greenwich High School on Jan. 25. Experts will discuss how to prevent bedbugs and what to do if one is discovered.”

“Bedbugs were found at Hamilton Avenue School in December, district officials said. Three bedbugs were found in three separate incidents. A dead bedbug was found on a student’s backpack Dec. 2, and two live bedbugs were found Dec. 9 and Dec. 14. An exterminator steam-cleaned the classrooms where bedbugs were found. The school was treated during winter break.”

“Bedbugs are small, flat, reddish brown insects that feed on human blood. According to the Mayo Clinic, bedbugs can be infected with some blood-borne diseases if they feed on infected people. However, they are not known to transmit diseases.”

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Though bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, with the help of proper knowledge they can be prevented. However, even with the preventive steps, bed bug infestation can still take place. And so, a bed bug spray is a must-have said BedBugsBeware.

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