Bed Bugs Get Free Meal Thanks to Experiment, BedBugsBeware Shares Details

Bed bugs got a free meal from Sheffield student volunteers for an experiment. The study aimed to prove the humans' natural defense from the blood-sucking pests.
By: Caroline Cooper
Jan. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Student volunteers in Sheffield University took the challenge of being bed bug bitten for an experiment. The said experiment aimed to prove that the human body has a natural defense against biting insects like bed bugs. However, for a complete bed bug protection, BedBugsBeware stated that a bed bug spray is needed.

The 29 undergraduate volunteers allowed the blood-sucking pests to feast on their arms. One of their arms is shaved while the other is not to distinguish which is the more prone to bed bug bites. Based on the result, the unshaven arm proves to be more inclined to get bitten.

According to Professor Michael Siva-Jothy, the researcher who carried out the experiment, the hair provides human the ability to detect parasites. With more hair, bed bugs take more time to find a spot to bite which in return gives the victim more chances to detect its presence. This also explains why wrists and ankles are the parts most often bitten by bed bugs and other insects.

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“In Sheffield University, bed bugs were given quite a good day. To determine the human body's defense against them, they were let loose to have a meal on student volunteers.”

“The 'blood spree' for the vampire-like pests happened literally on the arms of 29 undergraduates. One of the volunteers' arms were shaved and the other left as it is. The experiment revealed that the hairless arm is the more prone to bed bug bites than the unshaven limb.”

“With the research's result, it has been proven that human hair acts as a shield from biting insects like bed bugs. It has also explained the reason why your ankles and wrists are the spots most often bitten by the pests. And that reason is basically because the hair extends bed bugs' search for the perfect spot to bite thus, increasing the chance of them getting detected.”

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“HUNGRY bed bugs made a meal out of student volunteers at Sheffield University - to prove humans have natural defences against the pesky parasites.”

“A group of 29 undergraduates agreed to have one of their arms shaved and the other left as normal.”

“The bugs were let loose for an unfettered feast - with the hairless arms proving mightily munchable.”

“The research proves human hair helps defend and detect blood-thirsty invaders on our bodies.”

“It also explains why people get bitten most on relatively hairless areas like wrists and ankles by midges and mosquitoes while on holiday.”

“Bed bugs are still a serious problem in many parts of the world - including cities like New York.”

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