Bed Bugs Get Homeless Shelters Running Out of Budget, BedBugSprayReviews Suggests Cheaper Green Sub

Recurring bed bug infestation forced several homeless shelters in North Carolina to include bed bug control expenses to their monthly budget. Because of it many of them are running out of money and are for help.
By: Caroline Cooper
Jan. 12, 2012 - PRLog -- Several homeless shelters in North Carolina fell victim to bed bug infestation. However, apart from the inconvenience, the pests also brought them financial burdens. Knowing that professional bed bug treatments are high-costing, BedBugSprayReviews suggested the use of a cheaper green solution.

Reportedly, there are many homeless shelters infested by bed bugs in Winston-Salem, Piedmont and Greensboro. And because they are places of high-traffic, bed bug infestation is a recurring problem to them. Hence, apart from implementing steps to prevent the pests, shelters were also forced to include bed bug treatments to their monthly expenses.

But though the said inclusion of bed bug treatment in the monthly expenditures had significantly helped control the presence of the pests, it had also strained the shelters' budget. Running out of money, some of them are even asking for financial help to solve their bed bug problems.

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“Bed bugs are not known to transfer diseases. However, they are popular for causing a lot of troubles. One of which is bringing huge financial burden to their victims for the bed bug treatment. And as bed-bug-prone places, a number of homeless shelters in North Carolina are suffering from that particular problem.”

“According to a report, several shelters from Winston-Salem, Piedmont and Grensboro are being attacked by bed bugs. And because getting rid of the vampire-like pests costs much, their money is running out.”

“Apart from changing the mattress and the pillows, a new check-in procedure is also being implemented by the shelters to prevent the pests from coming in. However, bed bugs are very sneaky and their infestation can be recurring. Because of that, the shelters were compelled to include bed bug treatment to their monthly expenditures hence, the financial burden.”

“It's said that some of the shelters are even asking for donations to solve their bed bug problems.”

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“Several Piedmont shelters are running out of money to help out the homeless because they're spending so much to get rid of bedbugs.”

“Every shelter in Winston-Salem, as well as the shelters we spoke with in Greensboro, are reporting bedbug problems.”

"It's very frustrating. If bedbugs were big enough, I'd choke 'em," said Dan Parsons with the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission.”

“The shelters said they've changed mattresses and pillows and now require new check-in procedures for those wanting to stay.”

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A major bed bug infestation could require a professional extermination. And that can basically lead to a huge financial burden. To avoid that huge expense, bed bug presence must be early detected said BedBugSprayReviews.

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