Bed Bugs Sneaks In to University of Nebraska, Bed Bug Bully Says Nebraskans Need To Be On Alert

Bed bugs were seen in the University of Nebraska. According to report, they were discovered on the ninth floor of one of the school's dormitories.
By: Caroline Cooper
Jan. 23, 2012 - PRLog -- Bed bugs gave University of Nebraska a new year's visit. On January 6, the nasty pests were discovered in a room in one of the dormitories of the campus. Knowing how fast bed bugs spread, Bed Bug Bully warned residents to be on alert and to always have a bed bug spray prepared.

The sighting of the pests specifically happened in the ninth floor of the Abel Hall. According to the room occupants, they discovered  the bed bugs after they came back from their winter break. With one of them bitten on the arms and legs, they reported the presence of the pests.

After the report of the two students, actions were then taken by the university. Exterminators were hired to treat the room, mattresses were changed and clothes were washed. Despite those actions though, recent news claim that two more rooms and a student lounge have also been invaded by bed bugs.


“Bed bugs are real sneaky pests. With their size and fast-paced movements, you can never really tell where they will be next. After a number of them had been seen though, it's now confirmed that they have reached the Nebraska state.”

“Specifically, the pests were discovered in the ninth floor of the University of Nebraska's Abel Hall last January. The dormitory is housing hundreds of students and two of them were the first campus victims of the blood-feeding creatures.”

“As claimed by the two female students, they had known about the bed bugs when they came back from their winter break. After knowing about the incident, the university then took actions to get the room treated. Just weeks after that incident though, reports now say that more of the pests were seen in two other dorm rooms and a student lounge.”

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“Bedbugs have been sharing space with two students who live in a dorm room at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

“Ashleigh Auman told Lincoln television station KLKN that she and her roommate noticed the bugs when they returned to their ninth-floor room from winter break. The women reported the bugs to university officials after the roommate was bitten on her arms and legs.”

“Some bedbugs were found in a cork board.”

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Bed bugs are sneaky and can be anywhere. That's all thanks to their small size and quick pace. And so, it is difficult to determine where or who they will attack next.

With that said, it is important that everybody is ready to keep the pests away, said Bed Bug Bully. However, to prevent their infestation effectively, more than just early detection is needed. Prompt bed bug treatment must also be implemented.

To make that treatment prompt though, the help o f a bed bug spray is required added the site. That's to prevent the blood-sucking  bugs from escaping and breeding. And among the many bed bug killers in the market, the site only advised the use of Bed Bug Bully as it is 100 percent made of green and safe ingredients.

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