Bed Bugs Close Florida Salvation Army, BedBugSprayReviews Suggests Green Spray For Cheaper Reopening

Due to bed bug infestation, Salvation Army in Orlando Florida was forced to temporarily close. The shelter is now scrambling to find accommodations for the homeless men it is housing.
By: Caroline Cooper
Jan. 13, 2012 - PRLog -- Last Thursday, it was announced that the Salvation Army in Orlando, Florida will be temporarily closed. The closure was due to bed bugs plaguing the charity's building. To lessen the financial burden of the treatment, BedBugSprayReviews suggested that they use a green bed bug spray instead.

The Salvation Army homeless shelter for men was housing a total of 125 individuals. The agency will temporarily house 50 of those men, who were enrolled in the charity's long-term transitional program, in a gymnasium. However, the shelter is scrambling where to transfer the other 70.

In addition to the finding of accommodations, the housing for the homeless is also struggling to get the cost of the bed bug treatment covered. Amounting to $15 000, SA's public relations coordinator said that they can't use their emergency fund for it. Hence, they hope that local residents will extend their hands to help.

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“It seems that there is no slowing down for bed bugs. Places after places, they bring panic and fear to the public. And among the latest that they have plagued, the Salvation Army shelter in Florida.”

“Located in Orlando, the homeless shelter for men was forced to temporarily close because of bed bug infestation. Expected to last for a week, the shutting down of the charity left its staff scrambling for places where to transfer the 125 homeless men it was housing.”

“With an estimated $15 000 worth of bed bug treatment for the whole building, the Salvation Army is struggling. As its public relations coordinator, Vicki Hastings, has said, the shelter got money for emergency but they can't just use it for other needs. And so, they are asking the public for financial help.”

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“Just as overnight temperatures are forecast to drop into the 30s, the Salvation Army men's shelter in Orlando has been forced to shutter its doors temporarily, the charity announced Thursday.”

“The culprit? An infestation of bed bugs.”

“The closure, expected to last up to a week, left the agency scrambling to find accommodations for about 75 homeless men. Another 50 men, enrolled in the Salvation Army's long-term transitional program, will be housed in a gymnasium on the property until the shelter reopens.”

“The charity hopes that local residents will pitch in to help cover the estimated $15,000 cost of tenting the building for treatment.”

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