Interview with ISKCON Bangalore Temple President - Madhu Pandit Dasa

Interviewer: We see such gorgeous temples with very intricate architectural elements being built from times of yore in India. What was the main inspiration and cause for these structures to be built?
Madhu Pandit
Madhu Pandit
June 29, 2011 - PRLog -- Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa: In olden days, most of the world was governed by a monarchial system and the king was the representative of God.  And, one of the main activities of the king was to see that the people in the state are God conscious.  To promote that the primary duty of the king, external manifestation he that he himself would engage in building the temples, so obviously, when kings are involved, whatever they do is big, so there are examples of huge temples, which we cannot think of today, even by, even the richest people to build such structures.

It is basically, because of the involvement of the kings in building older temples, it has got that grandeur, plus it is very interesting note another point, the aspect of freedom that Kings had. Just like today, the governments are engaged in industrial activity – engaging thousands of people in the industrial activities, in those days, basically, for the society to run, there was no need of industries and everything was based on farm and cows and it was self-sufficient local economy, everything was going smooth.  The king’s main activity was actually to; engage people in building big, big temples.  There are temples, which were historically built over many generations of kings one after the other.

All these facts are evident from the sizes of the temples that we see that’s still standing today as ancient temples. In the process, a lot of human endeavor has gone in, the aspect of architecture, unbelievable; especially in South India detailed architectural forms have been developed. These forms are very beautiful and very harmonious and appealing to the mind.  The present day architecture is bound by many other practicalities, like time-bound execution, limitations in terms of funds and many more.
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