Creating a Positive Atmosphere in the Workplace

Check out these 8 ways to ensure your workplace is a positive place to work. By Sam Flynn, Personnel Surveys
By: Sam Flynn, Personnel Surveys
Nov. 18, 2009 - PRLog -- Positivity creates an enjoyable and lively environment where people want to work.  This will naturally lead to higher levels of performance and productivity and, in turn, lower levels of turnover and absence.  

So, how can we ensure that a positive environment is maintained at all times?  

1.   Lead by example and display positivity at all times.  
Managers and decision makers are influential characters, with subordinates acknowledging and learning from their actions.  Those who are happy, jolly, and positive individuals make it harder for subordinates to find negatives.  Always use positive language and never negative.  Even small changes, such as ‘if you finish that’ to ‘when you finish that’ can make huge differences to a person’s positivity levels.  The glass is always half full!

2.   Always be honest to your workforce.
Be prepared for difficult conversations by ensuring you have all the possible answers and do not have to think on the spot.  Give your employees as much information as you possibly can.  Maintain levels of positivity by ensuring that all employees feel secure when dealing with you.

3.   A professional attitude to sensitive information is critical and should always be maintained.
Never leak information to friends in other departments.  Employees need to feel secure that their personal details and issues are kept exactly that and a culture of tale telling and back stabbing within the organisation should be avoided at all costs.

4.   Positive communication throughout the entire organisation can easily uplift the spirits.
Every department should be shouting about any achievement that they make, putting up posters, sending emails, and letting the organisational family aware of their achievement.  This approach will send employees home talking about their achievement and how proud they are to work at the organisation.

5.   Ensure praise is given where it is due.
Employees will feel more positive if they believe they are making a valued effort towards the organisational strategy.  However, make sure you consider who you are praising and how you approach this to ensure the praise is not mistaken as patronisation.  

6.   Look to the future rather than dwelling on past mistakes.  
Employees will naturally focus on past initiatives that have failed.  Approach these in the positive light by looking at how such problems can be avoided in the future and how insights have been gained as a result of that initiative.

7.   If the weather is looking positive act on this.  
Get the entire workforce energised and active during the lunch break.  For instance, organise a basketball, football, or rounder’s match during this time. Releasing endorphins through physical exercise is a natural energy boost, giving an excellent positive lift.  Even sending an email commenting on how lovely the weather is can really create a positive atmosphere.

8.   Encourage innovation and idea generation.  
And act on them!  Ensure your employees are always looking to the positive and how the organisation can move forward.  This lies mainly with department leaders so ensure they are motivating and inspiring their team to bring forward new ideas.

A positive environment is a productive environment.  

Following the above tips can help ensure that your organisation is a positive place to work.

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