A Simple Formula for Getting Closer to God: Heather Giamboi teaches thousands

Heather Giamboi has been using out-of-body travel to visit decease husband Allen
MILWAUKEE - Jan. 22, 2023 - PRLog -- Through spiritually sophisticated out-of-body travel exercises to visit paradise, Heather and Allen instruct people on how to re-establish a personal connection with God. When Heather's husband Allen passed away in 2021, he began providing her with guidance and encouragement from above. Their major aim is to reveal techniques for getting closer to God.

Heather has a unique real story to share. Allen and Heather had the most intensely joyful spiritual marriage. Her devoted spouse Allen had recently passed away a year prior. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she sat on the ground. But to our amazement, like many who have near-death experiences, Allen and Heather had been meeting on the other side, in heaven, because she engages in out-of-body travel. He has been sending her messages, offering assistance, and providing instruction in lovely and unexpected ways from above, all while showing Heather his utmost love. He once made the joke that he was now in heaven and was surrounded by puppies.

In a previous statement, Allen had promised to collaborate with Heather on a book that would serve as the solution to many people's problems. The topic is how to use out-of-body experiences to strengthen one's relationship with God and paradise. He also discussed how to develop a stronger bond with departed family members. On occasion, Heather would cry with joy over the things they shared because they were so exquisite. The book was so compelling, according to the first few readers, that they couldn't put it down and finished reading it all at once. Its title is Out-of-Body Travel to Deepen Your Relationship with Heaven and God: The Secret Ways That Bring Us Closer to God.

There are presentations, documentaries, and exercises on Heather Giamboi's YouTube channel, which can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXmxZWKrClJqz7iqyV0rCw/...

Heather makes visits to talk at workshops and seminars and to assist her pupils.
Check out her Amazon author website: https://amazon.com/author/heather-giamboi

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