Prophet William Ssozi gives an Important Prophetic Message

Can a prophet really guide you with messages from God? Prophet Ssozi explains in this exclusive interview
Prophet Message
Prophet Message
MILWAUKEE - Jan. 9, 2023 - PRLog -- In an episode of the Transform U! Live Show, Marcus Hart have an intriguing conversation with Prophet William Ssozi about his God-given ability to receive messages from God. There are many who doubt even the mere existence of God, but it appears as we really forward into the future and with the endless amount of information, that the masses are becoming more open to the possibility that a prophet may be what they are missing from their lives to help understand the complexities of life and God.

Here is some more information about Prophet Ssozi that will help you learn more about him and his ministries.

Known for deep prophetic insights and revelations, Prophet William Ssozi discovered that he had an extra-ordinary gift like no other at an Early age. From his school days, the Prophet would see things in the spirit and then translate them in the physical. Along with his education journey, he prophesied and touched many students' and teachers' lives winning souls and leading people to Christ.

For Prophet, music was and still is of a great and mighty influence in his life. It was a form of escapism from the hardships and trials that arose in his life and a beautiful force that brought people together. it became the essence of who he was, which opened the door to him, creating his own music. In 2014, God had made it possible for his music to influence a generation by providing him the opportunity to start music ministry via him playing the piano. This touched so many people and the glory of the lord became even more eminent in the Prophet. He didnt stop there, he leveraged his influence to shape the youth's lives by providing Education, establishing careers, building shelters, and much more physical, medical, spiritual and or material means. To date, God has continued to use him to touch the lives of many and redirect them into his righteousness through the Prophetic blessing that the lord bestowed upon him.
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