No Rinse Wafer Processing Adhesive (WPA) For Up To 330ºc With 0% Residual

• First UV Releasing Wafer Processing Adhesive Capability for Wafer Processing Up to 270ºC
• First Peel Release Format Wafer Processing Adhesive to Provide Processing Up to 330ºC
• First Rinse-Free and Residual Free Wafer Processing Adhesive in Film Format and <5-micron Total Thickness Tolerance
No Rinse Wafer Processing Adhesive is Critical for 3D Device Wafer Fabrication
No Rinse Wafer Processing Adhesive is Critical for 3D Device Wafer Fabrication
PRINCETON, N.J. - Sept. 14, 2019 - PRLog -- AIT is proud to offer its Release-On-Demand™ wafer processing adhesives that have preferential adhesion on flexible carrier film for ease of peel-release from the wafer side with 0% residual for rinse-clean free post wafer processing. This novel capability eliminates the bottlenecks of wafers that can be process per hour from the cleaning of WPA.

Wafer Processing Adhesive Requires Unique Molecular Chemistry
Wafer Processing Adhesive (WPA) and wafer processing typically use glass carrier with intermediate temporary bonding adhesive for the interfacing layer with the wafer to be handled. Wafer processing may or may not include back-grinding but typically includes adding features onto the thinned wafer. Typical wafer processing includes both chemical, solvent, plasma for metallization and/or redistribution of bonding pads.

The intermediate temporary bonding adhesive is one of the more difficult materials to be released clean after the wafer processing. Most of WPA uses a layer approach with one layer that can be ablated with focused layer scanning for releasing and following with extensive rinse and cleaning process to reclaim the glass carrier and the wafer interface sides.

AIT Engineered Wafer Processing Adhesive Provides First UV Releasing Capability for Wafer Processing Below 270ºC
Alternative rinse-clean free solutions incorporate a WPA that combines a heat and/or UV release layer with a peel release layer that can be used at temperature up to 200°C, 270°C and 330°C respectively. The dual layer WPA is available with or without intermediate disposable supporting carrier that have more preferential adhesion than the adhesive on wafer or glass carrier.

These patent pending wafer processing solutions while can be spin-coated onto wafer and glass carrier like more traditional process, AIT also provides a film format for ease of application for more than 60 wafer per hours after wafer processing.

Whether you are looking for 3D wafer processing adhesive solution without unnecessary expensive and proprietary focused laser for de-bonding or increase the productivity in wafer processing, AIT's RELEASE-ON-DEMAND™ WPA solutions offer unparalleled NO RINSE, NO CLEAN post wafer processing applications.  For more details:

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