AIT Announces Parylene Grade Conformal Coating that Exceeds the Requirements of Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA DO 160)

Proven salt fog-spray and acid rain moisture resistant conformal coating engineered for effective coverage and more more protection for sensitive components and printed wiring board with 1/3 coating thickness
SC7130-CC protects against salt spray, acid rain, and sulfur laden atmosphere
SC7130-CC protects against salt spray, acid rain, and sulfur laden atmosphere
PRINCETON, N.J. - Aug. 26, 2019 - PRLog -- With the widespread use of commercial electronic devices in "Internet of Thing' world, cost effective circuit protection in more extreme environments are becoming more critical.  SC7130-CC is a conformal coating solution that matches the performance to that of the parylene coated on critical electronics including those that must meet the standard qualifications is based on Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA DO 160). At 25-micron thickness, it performs 75 micron thick standard acrylic conformal coating in extreme moisture and salt laden Florida environment. With thinner coating, the spray coating provides better coverage at the edges and under the components of the printed circuit board.

Proven Effectiveness for Most Stringent Environments
Extra stringent salt-fog testing clearly proved SC7130-CC out-performed the best of acrylic conformal coatings that have been proven inadequate in providing adequate protection for aeronautic electronics even in Florida flight environment. SC7130-CC proves to be the only conformal coating that can withstand the extra and extreme testing even for salt spray testing.

The coating thickness used for SC7130-CCR was 10-30 micron while the standard commercial coatings were heat cure at coating thickness of 75 micron or more. Thinner coating solution also achieves better chip lead adhesion and coverage for more effective protection.

Vacuum deposited parylene coating are crosslinked and prom to oxidation at moderate temperature of 70℃ and quickly yellow when exposed to UV and cannot be removed for reworking once deposited.  SC7130-CC is a flexible coating that does not generate stress on electronic devices even at -55℃ while maintains its molecular structure at high (up to 130℃ and more) and can removed with suitable stripper solvent.

The First UV Resistant Conformal Coating for LED Displays and Outdoor Electronics
SC7130-CC forms outstanding film coating on printed circuit boards to provide protective layer against acidic environment such as high sulfur dioxide and acid rains protection. Electrical switches and other controlling electronics in industrial environments require protective coatings that can withstand direct water immersion, sulfur laden "acid rain" and UV induced degradation.  Additionally, outdoor electronics such as those under the hood of automobiles, LED display controlling electronics solar energy converters that require extended moisture protection during the heat and humidity of summer weather.

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