Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Launches Technologies of Infinity at MarcCon

Ending a week of meetings and introductions at Start-up Week, Marshall Barnes spoke at the MarCon science fiction convention and began to solidify his start-up's activities in the areas of bio med and thematic events and presented its latest tech.
Marshall Barnes shows the Technologies of Infinity logo at MarCon
Marshall Barnes shows the Technologies of Infinity logo at MarCon
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COLUMBUS, Ohio - May 16, 2018 - PRLog -- Making good on his promise to launch a start-up contender to the Hover Brothers and To The Stars
Academy, Marshall Barnes, outspoken and extraordinary R&D engineer of advanced concept science and technology, has begun to promote Technologies of Infinity™, his long envisioned realization of a multi-faceted organization on the cutting edge of advanced technology - similar to the Massive Dynamic corporation featured in the Fox TV network show, FRINGE, which Marshall first spoke publicly about doing around 2009. After a series of productive meetings and discussions at Startup Week and the MarCon science fiction convention, Marshall has walked away with prospective partners, funders and information, making him ready to begin his advancement toward his ultimate goals.

"The key thing to remember is To The Stars Academy has nothing of substance. If they did, they wouldn't be looking for proposals from universities and private research corporations. I'm not. Then again, I have a working prototype technology for warp drive and a platform that appears to be effecting micro wormholes in the quantum foam to stay open longer. I've have proven technology that opens an array of possibilities for the interfacing of consciousness and tech. I just developed 5 different devices that match the 1992 predictions of Yakir Aharonov in Discover magazine that his quantum trigger system would be made smaller by someone in the future. And they work!"

A simple comparison between the web sites of three organizations leaves no doubt - Marshall's Technologies of Infinity™ is poised to easily surpass their competition because they already have. Just looking at the area of STEM education, which To The Stars Academy makes a passing reference to as one of the many activities that they will be involved in as a public benefit corporation. Marshall started the first STEM education project for advanced concept science in the world, SuperScience for High School Physics, in 2005 which proved J.R. Oppenheimer's prediction that school children could solve top problems in physics because they have the modes of sensory perception that are most important for doing so. Marshall proved that, repeatedly, with high school physics students, 5 different times, and then with a group of elementary school children who found a glaring error in Stephen Hawking's Mad Scientist Paradox. Marshall and students have been recognized on a local and state level for these achievements. Marshall's won top STEM Scientist/Professional in 2009 and 2010 from the National Lab Day organization, member of the week from the George Lucas Foundation's Edutopia community in 2012, was a member of Scientific American's 1,000 Scientists for 1,000 program until it was disbanded, and was accepted and published in the proceedings of the 2014 100 Year Starship Symposium on the track of getting students ready for space education. On the Technologies of Infinity™ web site, it is announced that they will launch a new STEM program to take over from National Lab Day, which is now also defunct. These activities and experience dwarf To The Stars Academy's stated STEM plans, as do much of the other features offered by TOI. As for STEM, the Hover Brothers aren't even in the game. But there's more. Marshall is prepared to fire a shot across the bow  of To The Stars Academy in the area that they have milked to get their media attention - UFOs.

"I know all about Tom DeLonge's fascination with the topic," Marshall says, "and I had placed on our web site that we are not going there because we don't care. When you already have the kind of knowledge I do and have actual technology  doing things physicists have already said would be akin to what a sufficiently advanced alien civilization would be capable of, then you don''t care about aliens. However, to make my point, I'm going to announce a UFO initiative the public all over the US (and maybe the world) can participate in that will shine a light on the UFO question I've yet to hear Tom DeLonge or any of his personnel, speak about yet, which of course raises a question as to why. Is this something he and his UFO spooks aren't aware of, or are they aware of it and keeping it out of the dialog for some reason. I think Luis Elizondo, of To The Stars Academy, should have something to say about it. We'll see..."

Marshall's recent meetings now put in play possibilities for projects dealing with advanced VR and AR concepts, bio med, thematic events and documentaries, including the live TV coverage for The Great Gravity Drops, the demonstration of his STDTS™ technology violating terminal velocity during free fall. He points out that this is just the beginning of the beginning.

"Things are about to go into play that will affect the national dialog. The moment is coming when those in the media who'e tried to ignore what I've been developing for sometime, will no longer be able to afford to. The standard has been it's all right to talk about these kinds of things, as long as you can't actually do them yet.If you say you can, you get ignored. Well, I have a military strategy background. The strategy of ignoring what's there, works until there's enough to overwhelm you, so everyone else sees what's going on."

"I suggest the keepers of the status quo prepare to get hit with some shock and awe...And keep some Depends on hand..."

You can visit the Technologies of Infinity site at Those interested in interviews should contact, David Gap at

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