Enhanced Customer Experience in Batch Manufacturing Software from Vicinity

Vicinity Manufacturing™ delivers a configurable user interface to support users' ability to focus and streamline activity in their software application.
MARIETTA, Ga. - Feb. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- Vicinity Manufacturing recently released the latest version of their process manufacturing software, Vicinity 4.21. With each new release of Vicinity, functionality throughout the application is aimed at advancing the customer experience for their client base, which spans a multitude of industries within process manufacturing, also known as 'formula manufacturing' or 'batch manufacturing.'

"We have been using Vicinity for many years and are doing well and growing. We are comforted that as we grow, Vicinity grows with us. Vicinity continually adds to the product in ways that help this growing business. We like that we can get information from Vicinity and it has allowed us to eliminate many manual steps we were once managing outside of the system. We also like knowing that our needs are heard, and that Vicinity will consider future upgrades to the system to support client increasing needs."

Dianne Aronica, Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods, Inc.

Over the past year, the Vicinity development team has worked diligently to enhance the user experience with easily adjustable settings. By allowing users to quickly hide or reveal specific columns, fields, and sections pertinent to their daily tasks, Vicinity delivers a customizable experience without the need for any code adjustments. Within Vicinity's customer base, there are a variety and range of user types. Some users have specialized tasks that require limited information within certain screens. Alternatively, other power users with broad oversight throughout production functions have the need to touch many or all aspects of the application. This level of use demands detailed accounts, as well as summary views, of data across multiple screens.

In addition to these quick user interface (UI) modifications, Vicinity has also worked to improve ease of navigation throughout the system by interlinking fields to associated screens via a "drill-back." Drill-backs are designed to allow users to easily access different hierarchical records in the system. For example, on a main production log or batch ticket in the system, users can dive into a raw material or component record. These links are also available for users shifting from reporting sections, such as the powerful querying tool VicinityView, to released screens, or records.

"Software users today expect more from their workplace applications than a feature set that simply gets the job done. They expect an experience that is streamlined and easy to use but at the same time powerful enough to accomplish all their required tasks. At Vicinity, our development team places the user's experience at the same priority level as functional requirements as we strive to maintain our position as a leader in the batch processing industry."

Seth Abady, Co-Founder & Director of Development, Vicinity Manufacturing.

The ability to manipulate what information is displayed on any Vicinity screen based on a user's role and business focus, alongside the seamless navigation created by Vicinity drill-backs, are two new enhancements that allow users to effortlessly simplify and alter their UI.

With a quarterly release schedule, the Vicinity development team stays on pace with delivering timely solutions and fulfilling new feature requests from their growing customer base. Vicinity software aims to meet the needs of small to mid-sized batch manufacturers across the United States and abroad by supporting advancements in technology and feature functionality.


Vicinity Manufacturing™ is a software solution designed exclusively for process manufacturers, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® or QuickBooks® to deliver a powerful and flexible ERP solution. Vicinity works with you to streamline the coordination of raw materials to finished goods, increasing productivity and profit. Vicinity Manufacturing will help put together the missing ingredient in your process manufacturing solution. Vicinity understands the unique challenges of batch manufacturing and addresses these issues in an easy and affordable solution. Contact the team today to learn more. www.vicinitymanufacturing.com

Vicinity Manufacturing

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