Let Real Estate Law Center Help You Resolve Any Mortgage Restructuring Issues You May Have

By: Real Estate Law Center
June 5, 2015 - PRLog -- Real Estate Law Center PC has helped countless homeowners just like you. If you or someone you know has been a victim of predatory mortgage lending, contact us now. Our law firm is filled with experienced and well educated professionals. The foundation of this company was started by Erikson M. Davis. He is the firm’s Lead Attorney. Erikson has been a litigator for fifteen years. He gained a concentration with civil rights and real estate litigation when the housing market crashed in 2009. These past four years, Erikson has been strongly dedicated to working in mortgage litigation against leading lenders. He developed an interest in law during his early college years. Erikson attended school at the University of California Santa Barbara to earn his B.A. in Political Science. Once he completed his undergrad, he continued to pursue his J.D. at Whittier Law School.

Our Associate Attorney is Amy Bingham. Amy has developed a strong background that is well-rounded and knowledgable. Prior to working with Real Estate Law Center’s firm, Amy was involved in real estate, civil litigation, business law, construction defect, consumer protection, estate planning, and injury law. She started working with homeowners in 2008. Amy studied at Portland University to obtain her B.S. in Political Science. After completing her undergraduate career, she continued to pursue her education at the University of La Verne College of Law for her J.D. We have a team of six attorneys that are licensed in California. None of our attorneys have any disciplinary actions against them. Real Estate Law Center strives to provide top of the line services.

If you are unsure if you have a claim to make, we can help you. Our application process is easy, but does require some time. This procedure can range between three to six months. The reason why our application takes such a large amount time is because we want to thoroughly evaluate your mortgage, income, any documents that pertain to your loan, and any verbal evidence you may have to assist your plea.  One of our compliance attorneys will handle your application and comprehensively review all of the evidence you may have. We are dedicated to accomplishing a settlement that will restructure your mortgage. If you do have a  legitimate case we can help you file a lawsuit against your mortgage lender. Some of these cases result in monetary damages, principal reductions, and various forms of satisfactory relief. Claims that result in monetary damages will help the homeowner gain material compensation or money. Principal reductions will assist the homeowner by decreasing the principal owing on a loan, which is usually a mortgage. This process is granted for the purpose of lessening the outstanding principal balance on qualifying properties that have negative equity. Real Estate Law Center carefully reviews each client’s application for the benefit of their potential case.

What separates Real Estate Law Center PC from other companies is honesty and integrity. We operate our facility with trustworthy people. Many companies claim to file their litigations, but in reality they never do. Real Estate Law Center PC will not disappoint you.

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