To Prevent Cardiac Arrest, Srikanth Achanta is an Avid Volunteer for American Heart Association

By: Srikanth Achanta
April 23, 2015 - PRLog -- Srikanth Achanta wasn’t always successful. He had to work from the very bottom of hardships to reach the position of leading authority he maintains today as an executive. Growing up in India, Achanta lived a life of poverty. His family struggled to make ends meet. Achanta claims, “I remember not being able to play with children my age. I had to help my father.” His father sacrificed a great deal of time for the family, and continued to pursue his goals. After years of hard work and effort, his father fulfilled the position as CEO. “My father set the example for me. Watching him work his way up through the chain of command truly inspired me. He has been the biggest influence in my life,” states Achanta.
Srikanth Achanta arrests a large portion of his efforts to several charities. Achanta has always felt a need to give back to the community. He explains, “I know what it feels like to need help, and I will do anything I can to provide people with assistance.” Some of the organizations Achanta donates to include the American Heart Association and United Way. The American Heart Association upholds cardiac care for those who face problems with cardiovascular diseases. United Way works personally with countless communities to improve partnerships with schools, financial institutions, neighborhood associations, and much more. Srikanth Achanta also became a sponsor for children’s education in India. Knowing that education made such an influential impact in his life, Achanta chooses to help give children that same opportunity. His love for children honestly shows, as he also helps volunteer at local schools within his community for an association known as Jr. Achievements. “I want to help children have a better future. The growing trends in criminal activity for minors is shocking. I will do whatever it takes to prevent children from a possible arrest,” states Srikanth Achanta.
He is genuinely happy to help such organizations. “I look up to many influential figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. They impacted the world with life changing contributions, and I can only hope to follow in their footsteps,” claims Srikanth Achanta.
When Srikanth Achanta isn’t investing his time managing manufacturing facilities, he is spending time with his two children. He has two boys and loves being actively involved in their lives. Achanta helps his children play various sports such as cricket and racquet ball. “I am very competitive, and I have always enjoyed being involved in team sports,” states Achanta. During his college years, Achanta was actually team captain for his college’s cricket team. If he isn’t at work or spending time with his family you can catch Achanta jogging, lifting weights, or watching Indian football.
Srikanth Achanta has developed an interest for traveling over the years. Living in Dubai, India, and the United States struck an enthusiasm for various cultures. He loves being able to try new cuisines, see renowned features of the world, and meet new people. His favorite traveling destination is Cancun, Mexico. The golden sands, beautiful waters, and lavishly designed homes have grown his admiration. He is grateful to live such an actively involved life.
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