Srikanth Achanta; Hard Working Father, Selfless Volunteer, and Racquetball Enthusiast

By: Srikanth Achanta
April 23, 2015 - PRLog -- Srikanth Achanta works in Manufacturing Operations. As vice president, Srikanth Achanta had to work hard and dedicate a lot of his time to reach such a high position within the company. Achanta claims, “My father was the biggest influence in my life. He showed me what hard work and effort looked like.” He went on to explain that his family wasn’t always so fortunate, and back at home in India they struggled. Thankfully because of his father’s perseverance he worked hard and fulfilled a position as CEO.  Achanta’s father is his role model. Knowing that his father could build a life from nothing, proved Achanta could also fulfill his dreams. Achanta was also inspired by several influential figures who made an impact on society. He has admired figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. “I marvel men like these because of the dedication they had for the benefit of society. They didn’t work for themselves. They worked to bring the community together,” states Achanta.
Before Srikanth came into the United States he lived in Dubai and India. In India, he attended school at Osmania University. He earned his Bachelors of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. However, his educational career did not stop there. Once Srikanth moved to the United States, he continued to pursue his Master’s in Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Florida. He worked for several years and then earned an MBA in General Management at the University of Houston. During his time in India, Srikanth played cricket and was the University team’s captain. He tells us, “I have always been competitive and active. If I am not working you will see me exercising, lifting weights, playing racquetball, watching Indian football, or playing cricket. I also enjoy traveling the globe.” His favorite vacation destination is Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is located in the southern region of Mexico. The beaches are gorgeous and the climate is absolutely impeccable. His next trip will hopefully be taking place in Ecuador. Unlike Cancun, Ecuador’s climates vary. The humidity and temperature of the area depends on its altitude. There are four diverse regions of this country, and each has its own trademarks.
It seems as if Srikanth Achanta has done everything he could have possibly dreamed of. After further discussion Srikanth Achanta states, “I haven’t gone skydiving yet. That is definitely something I would like to accomplish next.”
Srikanth Achanta arrests a majority of his time to his two children. Achanta claims, “My sons are my world. They are what motivates me to get up and go to work every day. I want them to have a good life, and in order to provide for them I have to work hard.”
Achanta leads by example. He supports a variety of organizations such as the American Heart Association, United Way, and even sponsors children’s education in India. Achanta feels that it is important to raise awareness for the well-being of others. He is grateful that he is able to give back to the community. Achanta remembers when he was younger how thankful he was to have an education, which is why he helps children in India. Srikanth Achanta arrests his life for the prosperity of others.
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