Real Estate Law Center Will Review and Litigate Any Complaints On Restructuring Your Mortgage

By: Real Estate Law Center
June 5, 2015 - PRLog -- Predatory mortgage lending has taken a toll on many individuals in the United States. Many are imposed with unfair and aggressive loan terms, which often results to serious cases of debt and loss of home ownership. Real Estate Law Center PC is here to help those who have been a victim to mortgage fraud lenders. We are here to to help your family regain their rights to their home.

Real Estate Law Center thoroughly reviews each client application. We extensively analyze your proposed case, so that we can determine the validity of your suggested claim. When you fill out your application, you will need to provide information that pertains to your mortgage and loan finances. We will review all of your documents and any verbal evidence that you submit to us. This process can range from three to six months. Although it is an extensive amount of time, it is important that we comprehensively evaluate each piece of possible evidence. Our company will be sure to accurately determine the legitimacy of your case, so we can provide you with a variety of effective solutions.

Our firm was established because of the rising trends in fraudulent activity with mortgage lenders. When the housing market crashed in 2009, many homeowners were desperate for assistance. Mortgage companies took advantage of this opportunity and targeted helpless individuals. Mortgage fraud cases has shockingly tripled in the past six years. Erickson M. Davis saw that many individuals needed assistance, and he wanted to provide them with the legal guidance they deserved. Concentrating on the civil rights of individuals and real estate litigations caused the creation of Real Estate Law Center PC. Erikson is the Lead Attorney of the firm. Erikson earned his B.A. at the University of California Santa Barbara. After he completed his undergraduate studies he obtained his masters degree at Whittier Law School. Erikson began his career in 1998, and has now gained fifteen years of experience as a litigator. These last four years, Erikson has been working exclusively in mortgage litigation against major lenders such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Erikson has become very familiar with the procedural tactics that many banks try to utilize. It is common that the attorneys of banks will avoid liability for their clients, but our firm is prepared to counteract their alleged claims.

Real Estate Law Center PC will provide you with fair and honest work. We are a law firm that focuses on lender law and litigation. We practice lender law that is extremely compliant with the California law. We are currently composed of 50-60 employees that fulfill the roles of attorneys, services associates, paralegals and case managers. We seek to employ individuals that operate with integrity and dedication. Many companies tell their clients that they will file their lawsuits against mortgage lenders, but never do. Our firm will never disappoint you, and will file your claims for you.
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