Psyched in San Francisco launches the Attitude Adjustment Jar forum for workplace angst

The Attitude Adjustment Jar is a free and anonymous online forum where anyone can share and transform work frustration through the support of Psyched psychotherapists and the other participants.
SAN FRANCISCO - July 16, 2014 - PRLog -- Psyched in San Francisco, a local psychotherapy center, has launched an online forum for working professionals who struggle to stay productive because of workplace angst. This is another way Psyched is broadening its reach beyond the therapy room to support people wherever they are and to make therapeutic tools accessible to everyone. Psyched in San Francisco is on a mission to rebrand therapy as an everyday part of personal wellness—like going for a regular doctor visit, we all need regular mental health check-ups to stay emotionally healthy.

Traci Ruble, a Psyched in San Francisco founder, speaker, therapist and former high tech professional, has a unique understanding of the working professional. She points out that people can often feel very isolated in their work worries, cutting off support and blocking growth. Traci said, “Work can bring up intense feelings of self-worth and fear of survival. In the middle of that is a work culture that can remind us of our family culture. Those two ingredients combined can result in some one-sided thinking that can leave professionals feeling terrible about themselves and their job. When anyone feels this kind of terrible they behave in disruptive ways. We want to make it easy for people to feel supported and broaden their perspective so they can enjoy work again.”

Brett Penfil, Leadership Coach and Organizational Consultant had this to say about the Attitude Adjustment Jar,  "Feelings provide invaluable data for working professionals. Understanding them—our own and others'—helps us solve problems, strengthen relationships, and contribute more broadly.  My hope for this forum is that readers understand emotions more fully so they can apply the totality of their focus, passion, and creativity toward their desired goals."

Linda Parker Pennington, Executive Coach and Human Resources Strategist said "Forums are a great idea—there is such a need for this in every company. People put their hearts into their work and when it is frustrating or they are having a hard time, there needs to be constructive ways for them to get support or even vent! The Attitude Adjustment Jar is an easy online forum for supporting workers.”

Martin Cooke, HR Executive and Executive Coach said, "Savvy business and HR leaders know that work requires more than just creativity and gusto—professionals who want to get ahead need to develop emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and be creative about the emotional realm of life. The attitude adjustment jar is a tiny but powerful way of offering people mired in frustration the chance to get something off their chests, reflect and hopefully get inspired to do things in a new and creative way at work. After all, the bigger goal is to enjoy life.”

You can visit the Attitude Adjustment Jar Online Forum here:

You can also follow the Attitude Adjustment Jar on facebook for work-related updates:

Psyched in San Francisco is a downtown psychotherapy center made up of therapists who have come together to build a culture of well-being in the Bay Area by providing: state-of-the-art psychotherapy, a personalized online classroom, online resources at Psyched Magazine and a commitment to community wellness through taking therapeutic principles to the streets. We are on a mission to do some serious consciousness-raising about the benefits of psychotherapy in all its forms, from curing a short-term “mental flu”, to diving into longer- term transformation. Going to see a psychotherapist has a proven return on investment and we want  people who might not have considered psychotherapy before to take advantage of therapy’s very real and tangible benefits.

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