Men Listening in San Francisco Saturday, Oct 6 in Response to Kavanaugh Hearings to Support Women

Sidewalk Talk's male volunteers will be out listening in Dolores Park in San Francisco on Saturday, October 6 from 2pm to 4pm in solidarity with women and survivors.
By: Sidewalk Talk
sidewalk_talk_men_listening (2)
sidewalk_talk_men_listening (2)
SAN FRANCISCO - Oct. 3, 2018 - PRLog -- Sidewalk Talk, a non-profit community listening project, is creating a special listening event called "Men Listening" in Dolores Park on Saturday, October 6, where over 50 men plan to show up in solidarity with women in response to the recent Brett Kavanaugh Hearings and testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Sidewalk Talk listeners have been listening on public streets since 2015 and have listened to over 10,000 people and referred over 500 to low-fee mental health services.  Sidewalk Talk boasts thirty-two hundred active listeners now in 14 countries and 53 cities. Sidewalk Talk volunteers practice heart-centered listening in public spaces to create engaged work teams, connected communities and improve mental health for all.

Traci Ruble, Psychotherapist and Sidewalk Talk Director/Founder said, "Have you ever felt scared or lonely and had someone listen to you with open-heartedness? It can feel like a lifeline.   I have listened on sidewalks in twenty cities with people from all different backgrounds, religions, and politics over the last three years and we share a common thread.  We want to feel safe and we want to belong. Men are showing up to say I believe you, I am here to listen so you know you belong and I want to do my part to make a safer world for you."

Paula Williams, Shame Booth Founder and CEO of Mortar Foundation said, "The good men I know aren't sure what to do. As 'fixers' they are hesitant about how to show up.  What I need and have needed to help heal my trauma is for the men in my life to just listen, with an open heart and some empathy. Sidewalk Talk is creating a space where men can get some on-the-spot listening training and show up."

Sidewalk Talk is a 100% volunteer nonprofit with city chapters lead by licensed therapists, mental health workers, or certified coaches.  Their annual operating budget is less than $5k per year. If you want to support the reach of the Sidewalk Talk community efforts consider making a non-profit tax-deductible donation here.

If you do not see a chapter in your city, submit your application to start a chapter.  If you want to be a volunteer listener, any person ages twelve or above can sign up. Volunteer here. This project has grown by the sheer grit and passion of the thousands of volunteers who make it a personal mission to change the landscape of our cities to one of kindness, connection, and listening.

Sidewalk Talk is a non-profit community listening project started by therapists with over 3200 non-therapist volunteers in fourteen countries and fifty-three cities. They offer heart-centered listening in public spaces to create connected communities, elevate mental health, and create engaged work teams. In addition to street listening, Sidewalk Talk creates team listening programs for organizations.


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