Health Expert Lashes Out Exposes Lies In Article That Diet Soda Is Safe & Effective For Weight Loss

...its’ pure deception is what made Kevin so upset. Instead of complaining about it Kevin decided to provide his own research in order to give the public the facts...
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MANTECA, Calif. - June 18, 2014 - PRLog -- Lathrop, Ca. June 18, 2014 - ‘I’ve about had it with all of these lies and this deception that’s going on within the weight loss industry…’

These are the heart-felt words spoken on the video Kevin Yates EXPLODES Over Lies In Diet Soda For Weight Loss Article posted by Kevin Yates, a former personal trainer turned speaker, author and educator who is a 14-year veteran of the health and fitness industry.

What Kevin is so outraged about is a recent article published on by Sandra Levy titled ‘Can Diet Soda Really Help You Shed Pounds and Feel Satiated?’

According to the article, a 12-week study had supposedly found that people who drank diet soda lost more weight than those who drank water.

The lack of information the article failed to mention and its’ pure deception is what made Kevin so upset. Instead of complaining about it Kevin decided to provide his own research in order to give the public the facts they need to make informed decisions when it comes to losing weight and improving health.

Kevin says ‘You cannot make an informed decision when you don’t know the facts’.

The facts are that diet soda consumption has been shown to cause weight gain and has damaging long-term health consequences as well.

The study Levy’s article refers to is misleading because it mentions nothing about the test subjects’ diets nor whether exercise was performed. This leads to the false perception that the answer to the nation’s growing weight problem and expanding waistlines can be found in a can of diet soda.

The truth is that diet and exercise have a much more powerful influence on weight loss than drinking diet soda.  If your diet is poor, all the diet soda in the world will not help you lose weight, period.

Furthermore, this study does not mention whether or not any of the test subjects had health conditions or took any medications which is important since many medications cause water retention and weight gain.

Another problem is that this study was performed for 12 weeks which is not long enough to see the long-term effects on weight loss and health. Before recommending something as safe and effective you need to see what the long-term effects are.

A study performed by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, presented at the 2011 meeting of the American Diabetes Association, followed 474 diet soda drinkers for nearly 10 years. They found that their waists grew 70 percent larger than the waists of non-diet soda drinkers. Furthermore, there was a 500 percent greater increase in waist size in those who drank two or more diet sodas a day. -

Another important piece of information Levy’s article failed to mention is that artificial sweeteners are not safe and have been linked to numerous health problems.

Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners lead to weight gain over the long-term not weight loss as suggested in this article. Not only that but more serious health damaging consequences can result from consuming diet soda such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

For example, Aspartame, a widely used sweetener found in many diet sodas, has been strongly linked to brain tumors, cancer, birth defects, emotional disorders and can increase health complications in diabetics.

This study goes on to mention that diet soda is effective for weight loss because it suppresses hunger. However, Kevin mentions that suppressing hunger is not the answer because it only manages the symptoms of weight gain without addressing the real problem.

He goes on to say that hunger is caused by 2 things:

Dehydration – The brain generates signals for thirst and hunger at the same time. Most people misinterpret the need for water and end up eating food. Often we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty. This often leads to over-eating.
Malnutrition – Hunger is the body’s was of saying it needs nutrients. When nutrient needs are met feelings of hunger subside.

When we eat foods that do not provide adequate nutrition (even many so-called ‘healthy foods’) feelings of hunger increase.

Diet soda contains ZERO nutrients and makes the body use its’ own stored energy resources to metabolize it which increases the appetite because the body is pushed further into a nutrient deficit.

Appetite suppression is not the answer. It just cuts off the signal our bodies are trying to use to communicate that we need more nutrition.

Clearly, the answer is not to suppress hunger nor cut calories but to provide our bodies with quality water and nutrition.

When the body’s nutritional needs are met the signals to eat will lessen.

Kevin says ‘We need to do a better job of educating ourselves…we need to be more proactive about our own health…’

Furthermore, Kevin strongly suggests not to risk the health and the lives of you or your family by taking such horrible advice like that given in the article by Sandra Levy and instead to gather all the information you can because only then can you make informed decisions regarding your health and well being.


Kevin Yates is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 and Exercise Coach through the CHEK Institute with 14 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, corporate wellness provider, speaker and author.

He is available for speaking engagements and media appearances.

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