Traidhos Visiting Schools Programs become solar water bottle advocates!

Did you know that 2012 is the International Year of Alternative Energy?
Solar Water Bottle Light Bulb
Solar Water Bottle Light Bulb
March 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Curious as to what The International Year of Alternative Energy, this eco-friendly campaign, really means to an individual, the community and the broader world in an applicable way, the Traidhos Visiting Schools Program (VSP) sought to find a project to put it to the test. It had to be a project that could serve the hill tribe and other low-income communities that VSP works with throughout the year.

A community service project was organized in December 2011with visiting students from King’s Academy, Jordan, to see the effects of MyShelter Foundation’s Litre of Light ( initiative taking place in The Philippines. Could they prove that water and an empty plastic bottle produce daytime lighting equivalent to a 55W electric bulb and could MyShelter Foundation’s lofty goals of lighting over one million homes in 2012 come from such a simple solution?

The Solar Bottle Bulb is as simple as it sounds.  It provides an innovative minimal-cost, carbon-free lighting solution made from discarded 1.5 litre plastic bottles which are filled with filtered water and a few drops of bleach and salt. The clear water refracts the sun’s rays, dispersing the light in all directions.  The salt slows down evaporation and the bleach prevents mold from growing in the bottle, allowing the mixture to last about two years.

In order to make the water bottles "light up," holes are cut into the roof panels and a bottle is placed so that the lower half protrudes from the ceiling.  The bottles are secured with a rubber sealant around the outer edges and filled with the water and bleach mixture. The only other ingredient needed is sunshine!

A fun task that made non-believers into believers, the students were delighted to find the solar light bottle to be a very safe, inexpensive, efficient and sustainable lighting project to provide natural light in dark homes or buildings that have few or no windows or no electricity. As a “green” solution it also promotes reuse and recycling.

As qmffc new advocates to the solar bottle bulb VSP is determined to continue spreading this sustainable method of lighting to rural communities throughout Northern Thailand. Let there be light!

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