Untraceable Cold Calls Protected by Law

CPR Global has reported an abundance of cold calling companies that are buying telephone numbers from suppliers, in a bid to disguise their identity and often, illegitimacy.
By: CPR Global
Oct. 14, 2011 - PRLog -- Telephone number suppliers are companies that sell alternative telephone numbers to companies for direct marketing and call centre purposes.  In many cases, telephone numbers are adapted to deceive consumers in to thinking that the call is from a local number.  

CPR Global, an organisation that is committed to reducing unsolicited calls for its customers has discovered that the telephone suppliers are refusing to disclose to consumers, which companies have been repeatedly cold calling them.

The PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations) are contradicted as in order for companies to satisfy a customer’s request to opt out under the ICO guidelines, customers should be able to request the removal of their details to that company directly.

However, when companies use telephone number suppliers, individuals are unable to obtain the details of the company who has made contact with them because the suppliers are prohibited from revealing the company’s details under the Data Protection Act.

It seems unfair that consumers aren’t able to find out which companies have been contacting them due to the telephone number suppliers.  Companies have found a loophole in the system which means that they do not have to comply fully with the legislations as they cannot be tracked.  They have only just begun to exploit it.

In this instance, the only way to prevent unwanted phone calls entirely is to take it a step further and employ a device that can physically filter out the unwanted calls.

The CPR Call Blocker is a device that can be plugged in to any landline telephone.  It is already pre-programmed with 200 of the most persistent cold callers and there is enough space to block an extra 100 telephone numbers at the touch of a button, as and when they call.

A spokesperson for the CPR Call Blocker said “Telemarketers are using modern techniques to fit in to our modern day world and unfortunately government enforcement which includes opt out services are proving to be inadequate”.

For £59.99, the CPR Call Blocker can be used to prevent a host of unwanted callers, from whichever telephone number they desire.

Purchase your CPR Call Blocker by visiting www.cprcallblocker.com or call 0800 652 7780.


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Ensuring your telephone number is no longer available to organisations, including charities & voluntary organisations. By registering your telephone number with us, companies who telephone you with offers and sales calls will no longer be able to do so.
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