Detailed Cold Calling Data is a Growing Concern for Consumers

Companies are providing detailed transaction data to other companies who use it for making unsolicited calls. This information is gathered from customer purchases that include personal contact details.
By: CPR Global
Sept. 20, 2011 - PRLog -- This can be dangerous for many as the transaction details can verify how the customer paid, what they had bought, their address and even their telephone number.

This information is gathered by store loyalty cards and online account registrations as customers are making a purchase.  It is collected and sorted in to subcategories and sold to the highest bidder for marketing purposes and as a result, without the customer’s consent; they are contacted via telemarketing, junk mail and email.

This type of data has a high value on the marketplace as approximately £8 billion was spent on marketing last year and some data brokers are paid six figure salaries.

As technology is progressing, our information is becoming ever more accessible to anyone with access to the Internet.  Users can gather information from the electoral register, census data, phone directories, together with births, deaths and marriage registers.  The Internet contains a catalogue of information including names of those living within a household, their age, buying habits, telephone numbers and even their actual address.  This coupled with the new social media advances are certainly a cause for concern.

This news comes after reports of insurance companies, police and hospitals selling information on to personal injury claim companies.  Customers are then inundated with unsolicited calls and the callers are often already aware that they’d previously had an accident.

The UK’s claiming culture is also responsible for a significant majority of unsolicited calls circulating with many carrying out the direct marketing in an illegal manner.  This makes it harder for government legislations like the Telephone Preference Service to be enforced.

Nearly half of those surveyed receive several calls in just one day and a third of consumers receive more than 10 calls a week.  It is often reported that once a consumer has reported an accident to an insurance company, they are infiltrated with calls from ‘no win no fee’ personal injury claim companies to their landline and the same can be said across an array of industries.

The elderly can even be pinpointed where marketers have access to whether a household is claiming pensions or disability living allowance.   This is how elderly households are ‘coincidentally’ receiving calls about mobility aids and independent living products and services.  There is no coincidence in this instance.

This type of targeted information means that our privacy is being jeopardised and consumers are being exposed for their buying habits.  Too much information is far too easy to obtain but CPR Global can help combat this problem by removing customer details from the lists that are used to cold call.
The CPR Call Blocker doesn’t need to rely on government legislations as it is pre-programmed with 200 of the most persistent telemarketing companies’ telephone numbers that are recognised by CPR Global.  This leaves ample space for the consumer to block a further 100 telephone numbers at the touch of a button, putting the householder back in control of their privacy.
For more information or to purchase the CPR Call Blocker, contact the CPR Global team on 0800 652 7780 or visit


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