Prevent Elderly Relatives from Falling by Stopping the Nuisance Calls

The fear of falling is of great concern to the elderly and it is the biggest cause of accidental death in the UK. Nuisance phone calls are a threat to the elderly as rushing to answer the phone can lead to dangerous consequences.
By: CPR Global
June 3, 2011 - PRLog -- The elderly are often targets for canvassing because they account for 43 per cent of all adults - that’s 21.6 million adults and this is set to increase to 25 million in 2020 as 14,226 people turn 50 every week.  The elderly are reported to have a collective sum of £175 billion in disposable income, while 85 per cent have private pensions and possess 80 per cent of all private wealth.  

Free from the mortgage and the kids and with many realising assets from increasing property and generous pensions, it isn’t surprising to find that they are the prime targets for marketers. Furthermore, 22 per cent have already inherited from parents whilst 10 per cent have inherited property.

Statistics also indicate that 22 per cent often buy a new brand to see what it’s like, 18 per cent love to buy new gadgets & appliances and 44 per cent are prepared to pay more for products that make life easier.  This isn’t to say that the elderly deserve to be pestered by telemarketers, but it helps us understand why it has become such an issue for the older generations.

Nuisance calls have a dire effect on the mental welfare of the elderly in the UK with one in ten people aged 60 to 74 having a mental disorder such as anxiety, depression and phobias⁴.  A significant proportion of 60+ year olds are receiving as many as 240 unwanted calls every year and prove to be extremely irritating for many elderly people.  Studies suggest that maintaining a healthy mental attitude is the key to preventing falls.  

More than 700,000 over 65’s attend accident and emergency after a fall every year¹.  Numerous falls result in a fear of falling; making it a struggle to balance so it isn’t surprising that death often occurs three months after a fall.  By eliminating all of the factors which can make an elderly relative fall, you will be improving their life span.

Silent calls can be particularly irritating; this is where auto-dialling result in the agents outnumbering the consumers, leaving them to hear silence.  Due to many pensioners’ lack of mobility, receiving these calls create adverse psychological implications where they are afraid to even answer the phone.  

In cases where they are unable to answer the telephone, the prospect of the caller being a friend or relative is often too much to risk and a after a hasty rush to the phone, it can prove dangerous.  Persistent calls from companies can also cause confusion, panic and hysteria.

Around 29 per cent of older adults in the UK report experiencing age discrimination more than any other form of prejudice³. Their vulnerability makes them susceptible to be mis-lead and deceived and even not-for-profit organisations play on their compassion, convincing them to donate.

The elderly grew up at a time where hanging up the phone was rude and so they are prone to being over-polite and agreeing with whatever they’re told over the telephone, unaware of how illegitimate the caller is.

56 per cent of women aged 85 or over lived alone, this figure is projected to rise to 70 per cent by 2024³.  The isolated elderly are subjected pushy sales tactics simply because they want someone to talk to and many marketing companies are exploiting this.

Ensuring there are no trip hazards is also vital in preventing accidents at home, making sure the correct lighting is fitted, alongside chair lifts and walking sticks could also be a significant in preventing accidents at home.  Minimising stress levels at home is also vital.  More information can be found on the Age UK website.

A spokesperson for CPR Global says “Nuisance calls are a dominant factor in affecting falls at home and CPR Global can help to dramatically reduce this risk by eliminating unwanted calls from UK and overseas companies.”  

She goes on to say “The elderly are known to be anxious and frightened when alone and nuisance calls amplify this problem.  It is shocking to find that their vulnerability is an attraction for marketing companies.  Many elderly people are claiming to feel ‘on edge’ every time the phone rings.”

Every five hours an older person dies after a fall at home, representing the most frequent and serious types of accident in the over 65 age group, with one in three elderly people experiencing a serious fall every year ⁶.  The UK population is ageing and the cost of falls incurred by the NHS and other agencies is expected to escalate. Based on current trends in the UK, hip fractures among older people resulting from a fall may rise to 120,000 per annum by 2015 ⁷.  Prevention is the key to stop this epidemic.  

For £59.99, the CPR Call Blocker is a great solution to preventing the elderly from falling at home as it is pre‐programmed with 200 of the most persistent telemarketing companies’ telephone numbers that are recognised by the Call Prevention Registry.  This leaves ample space for the consumer to block a further 100 telephone numbers at the touch of a button.

For more information or to purchase the CPR Call Blocker, contact the CPR Global team on 0800 652 7780 or visit
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Ensuring your telephone number is no longer available to organisations, including charities & voluntary organisations. By registering your telephone number with us, companies who telephone you with offers and sales calls will no longer be able to do so.
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