Synopsis/ Walking with the Vain Cattle by Amal A. Islim /Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Volume one: “Cultivating my nature” A self-development book. An original spiritual drama, soon to become a THEATRICAL musical Titled:”Leeloo is hiding behind me!”
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May 18, 2011 - PRLog -- WWTVC is a sensational journey that speaks of the pains of the spiritual growth process along with its miracles and magic .The exploration of the inner world. The fight of the ego versus the spirit, materialism versus spiritualism, personal ethics over blind conformity,
While still having to face the evils of this world, yet maintaining reason and balance.

Amal Islim declares war upon her closest companion, her ego, which she names ‘Leeloo’ in WWTVC.

As she begins to contest her dominant ego, she starts to feel out of balance and suffers from identity crisis; finally she becomes aware that she has deeply suppressed the mighty in her idealism in order to succeed in the materialistic system.

Amal walks through her life as if constantly walking the plank; feeling lonesome around most; facing her heart breaks, and suffering cold truths one after the other; knowing that she is different, as if she was water on fire, therefore, refers to herself on occasions as fiery waters in WWTVC.

She realizes that she suffers from chronic social un-satisfaction, repulsion to mediocrity and mendacity, and profound disappointment in the greatest part of human kind, but fortunately, keeps her hope that one day she’ll be united with the rare great ones.

Her discontent is predicated on the fact that most people are so far from the potential perfection created within them, and beyond that, there is more petty, and ill spirited exchange than good. This has caused her deep grief, extreme isolation, suffocating annoyance, and boredom; wishing that human consciousness expand to its sublimation along with her own, and discovers a new way to fight evil other than with evil itself.

Thank heavens, she finds true refuge in her artistic creations, while still trying to find her “Conjunctio” her perfect union with herself and the divine, the only place where time ceases to exist, and she feels protected, all is truthful, harmonious, serene, whole and well.

At this point of Amal’s life, she stops being able to earn her living “as a psychologist/ senior consultant for multinationals and departments heads”; burdened with the sorrows she carries, accompanied by an unjustified cultural and social guilt, fearing to be
once again among and one of the world’s corporate killers; therefore, unconscious self-destruction spread its wings as if she was calling upon the mystical Phoenix, which he appears as one of the silent characters of this book, while she is consuming herself in the fires to rise again.

She orchestrates her own failure, wreaks all kind of havoc in her life by accumulating bills, leaving her job, forcing the ones who love her to desert her, living off unemployment insurance, denying herself any kind of security.
She now refuses to live a comfortable life entombed with suppressed frustration together with absent passion and flame, the void of meaning, conscious, and noble aim.

Amal starts to listen to her witness-self through daily prayers and meditations; she begins to wrestle with her own satirical vision, and acceptance of the ways she interprets herself and the universe, aware that she must seek, find and if not weave a new, and a higher form of life.

While deep transformational forces are in the works, Amal feels her soul migrating from living outwards inwards to inwards outwards, from her darkness to her light, navigating through her new insights on solid grounds to exhume her inner treasures buried in the depth of her soul.

In her philosophical autobiography WWTVC, Amal longs for a world where forgiveness is not perceived as weakness, wishing for like-mindedness, genuine uninterested kindness in herself and others, and finally everlasting peace.
She imagines enjoying a beautiful emotional life filled with joyous creatures, divine creations, love, happiness, light and justice.
But alas, she knows that evil’s putrid spirit is among us and festers in our fears, also always ready to devour on our wars, ignorance, vanity, greed, and pains; wondering, “If
love is the answer, why does the question still reign?!”

She rips herself away from her past life, and what she has hitherto acquired, then leaves on a soul’s journey, armed with nothing but with her inner strength, supreme faith and awareness of her absolute need for growth, self-change, self-conquest and the presence of answers.

With but 20 SF in her pocket, Amal parachutes into a new life, naked of her ego, facing the uncomfortable but exhilarating adventure, and embarks on a two years spiritual journey, facing her inner struggle, and challenging her pride by acknowledging that she must learn compassion, and master the tolerance of what she defines as an intolerable.
Not knowing where to go, live or whom to meet, but knowing that her heart and angels will guide her, believing that “When a man is willing and eager, God joins in...” Aeschylus, Great Greek dramatist.

After the first publication of her book WWTVC in 2009, Amal met sponsors that are now financing her theatrical musical “Leeloo is hiding behind me” which is based on this book/ her spiritual journey.
Also soon, she will be working among some of the best artists, singers, performers of our times.

WWTVC is written in subtle abstract poetry, prose, philosophy, prayers, music, songs, dialogues and slam. A unique art style that she named“AI88

Amal declares “The plant of miracle blossoms in its season for those who set their mind free, and dare to follow the call of their hearts no matter how insane it sounds, and against all odds. Finally she states: “The supreme faith does pay.”
Meaning, that believing in your divine path helps heaven to support you.

But first, let’s walk with her from the beginning of Walking with the Vain Cattle,
and so the story goes…                  

Dr. Leona P. Heart
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Tags:Darkness To Light, Inner Journey, Love Oneself, Find Peace, Prayers, Songs, Own Way.
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Location:Zurich - Zurich - Switzerland
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