A Powerful Diff Utility DiffVue 4.3.1 for XP / Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows 7 has been released.

DiffVue, a diff tool (aka diff utility) lets users compare folders/files as well as ftp site's files against the local files by displaying differences visually. It also has lots of powerful tools which many softwares do not have.
Oct. 27, 2009 - PRLog -- DiffVue Software has recently announced DiffVue 4.3.1, a diff tool, also known as a diff utility for Windows.

DiffVue family contains 4 main applications;
- "DiffVue" a main application to compare your local folders and files,
- "DiffFTP" another main application for FTP,
- "DiffEditor" a text editor and
- "FullVue" a viewer for non-text files - they are all Unicode applications.

Screenshots for each application are available in DiffVUe Software's website http://www.diffvue.com/gallery/.

DiffVue lets you compare the folder trees side-by-side with mismatches highlighted.
If the files are text files, their contents are displayed side-by-side with the differences being highlighted by DiffEditor.
You can also use DiffEditor as a text editor since it has syntax highlighting capability for the known file-extensions.
When two text files are open with DiffEditor, you can merge/edit/copy/paste between them so that maintaining them becomes extremely easy.

If the files are non-text files, such as word-processor/spread sheet/presentation documents or even graphics/CAD files, their contents are displayed side-by-side by FullVue.

With DiffVue, you can generate the report file in either a text file or a PDF file.
Regarding PDF, DiffVue allows you to generate a PDF file from not only any single file but also the existing folder.
In the latter case, if the folder contains sub-folders and files, they all are rendered in a single PDF file so that its bookmark pane looks like a folder tree.
For PDF generation, you don't need to do anything for the printer drive. DiffVue does all the chores behind the scene.

DiffVue has a powerful search tool, yet simple to use. It even accepts a search criteria in regular expression. Note that searching only works for the text files.
Therefore, if you are software developer or system administrator, you will find this search tool as a MUST-tool.

A handy synchronization tool comes with DiffVue.
DiffVue allows you to synchronize the files and folders between laptop and PC at home and office.

DiffVue also has a useful localization (L10N) tool and it is called "Advance Resource file options". One of them allows you to detect any malformatted or missing resource strings during L10N process, e.g. translation for foreign languages.
This used to be L10N engineers' nightmare, but with this tool, it will free you from nightmare. The file extensions of the resource file-format recognized by default are:
.IPS (InstallShield String Table)
You can find out what else you can do with this L10N tool in the users manual.

Regarding "DiffFTP":
When you have your own website, you often update it mostly using FTP software. Due to nature of FTP, the file sizes for the text files are normally different and the file timestamps are also different from your original files.
Therefore, you don't know whether the files in your FT Pserver are up-to-date unless you download them first and compare them to the original ones.
Like "DiffVue", you can do the same comparison operation in "DiffFTP".
"DiffFTP" is a variation of "DiffVue"; it compares your local files/folders against ones in your FTP server. You can achieve most operations DiffVue offers.
It is a multi-threaded Unicode FTP software like most commercial FTP programs, but it does one more significant job than others, i.e. comparing the file contents.
You don't have to guess whether the files you are transferring are the right ones, because DiffFTP lets you know the difference not by the file name/size/timestamp, but by the file contents.

If you are shortcut-key oriented, you will love DiffVue family since all of them supports lots of shortcut keys.
Especially the most shortcut keys in DiffEditor are same as those in Microsoft Visual Studio. If you are a software developer using Visual Studio, you will love it.
If you aren't, you can learn it in order to minimize the use of the mouse.

Although it isn't mentioned in the above description or the user online manual of DiffVue, there is one more application working behind the scene; DiffVueUpdate.exe.
It periodically checks DiffVue website to find out the new updates are available. It knows whethere there is a major upgrade or a minor update (so called "patches"), and reminds you of the abailability.
Like Microsoft Automatic Updates, you can configure DiffVue update schedule via "DiffVue Updates Configuration" menu.
All hot-fixes are continuously maintained in patches. We always listen to our valuable customers, so that any feature enhancement requests are never ignored, and if possible, we work hard to put them into the patches as soon as possible.
Sometimes, the new patches are posted next day after the previous patches. The patches never require you reboot the system.

DiffVue offers free-evalution copy. Its evalutation period is 30 days. Once the evaluation period expires, it still works as before, except it displays the expiration reminder.
DiffVue donates the full free copy to the colleges. If you are in charge of department of Computer Science at college, please contact us via email.

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DiffVue Software was found in 2002 based on the multi-states and all developers are working remotely.
DiffVue Software dedicates to develop any diff related software which helps the users maintain their computers easily.

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