Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Reviewed

Does carbamide peroxide gel really work for teeth whitening? Discover the risks of carbamide peroxide whitening and use a better risk-free teeth whitening solution in this article...
By: Michelle Smith
Oct. 6, 2009 - PRLog -- Discover A Risk-Free, Effective Teeth Whitening Solution better than carbamide peroxide.

Just like me, a few people have complained about their results with using carbamide peroxide gel for teeth whitening. First WARNING - don't use if pregnant or nursing. Here's what someone says about her  experience:

"I have mildly sensitive teeth - really nothing out of the ordinary. Yet, I still would not recommend this product, UNLESS you plan on taking some sort of a pain killer prior to its use. That, or some morphine - I am NOT kidding. Currently, I am stuck with 8 unused syringes, so I'm seriously considering asking for my money."

After doing research on teeth whitening systems, I found a better effective teeth whitening solution called Premiere Whitening. They are offering limited risk-free trials to consumers depending on your area.

Qualify for a Risk-Free Trial of the Premiere Whitening Kit:

After reading reviews of different teeth whitening systems, I found this effective and inexpensive teeth whitening solution that’s better than spending hundreds on expensive dental procedures. I got great results from it, and am sure glad that it has worked for me. It offers the same thing as all those costly Hollywood smile fix, for just a fraction of the cost, and it has been very safe and effective if you have sensitive teeth like me.

I saw their website and took the free trial offer instead of the average price online of $80, and paid only shipping and handling. I followed the instructions and started using the teeth whitening kit and started seeing results after a few hours. I recommend you use the lower strength Whitening Now solution if you have sensitive teeth. I love that it is straightforward and easy to use. Most importantly, this teeth whitening kit is highly effective, and whitens up to eight shades or more.

See More User Testimonials Here:

Luckily with the Premiere Whitening system, there are no issues with awkward strips, bad tasting gels or expensive dentist laser procedures.

Get a Risk-Free Trial of the Premiere Whitening Kit:

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