Joshua Autrey Serrano Honored to Launch His Next Brand, "Make A Dish Vegan"

Make A Dish Vegan Logo
Make A Dish Vegan Logo
PASADENA, Calif. - March 10, 2023 - PRLog -- Acclaimed independent music artist Joshua Autrey Serrano is thrilled to announce the launch of his newest brand, "Make A Dish Vegan", a series revolving around making recipes submitted by featured guests into vegan recipes.

"I am extremely excited to be able to offer this platform to my fans and to the curious, making vegan and plant-based recipes for anyone who wants to tune in. I want to highlight the incredible dishes and recipes that people consume in their everyday lives, and subsequently explore the possibilities of making them vegan."

"I'm looking forward to seeing new and unique foods my featured guests will be bringing to the table," says Autrey Serrano.

Joshua, forgoing the typical vegan advice, will help viewers find inspiration for vegan meals in their everyday lives, starting with MADV. The series will have immediate support and a foundation to thrive on thanks to his other branded services:
The series will feature dishes from his friends' kitchens, restaurants, and more. On a regular basis, the Make A Dish Vegan brand will attempt to turn meals from different food cultures into vegan dishes without compromising on flavor.

Make A Dish Vegan will be available online and will launch this fall. Autrey Serrano is currently looking for guest recipes to feature on the series, and encourages fans and friends to submit their favorite dishes and recipes to the website for consideration.

Joshua Autrey Serrano, making a name for himself in the independent music scene, is no stranger to vegan food. In the recent past, he's market tested ideas like the "world's first vegan games" and a plant-based subscription box filled with high-iron snacks. His passion for trying new things has been a huge part of his career in music, and he is excited to take things to the next level with Make A Dish Vegan.

"I am so honored to be able to offer this series to my fans and look forward to seeing what delicious vegan meals we can create together. I hope that this series will inspire more people to consider exploring veganism or at least try vegan foods more often," said Joshua Autrey Serrano.

To recommend a recipe to make vegan, visit and stay tuned for the release later this year!


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