@KevinDouglasWright Daily Motivational Quotes on Instagram Helps with Life's Challenges and Reaching Goals

@KevinDouglasWright on Instagram is a New Source for Daily Inspiration to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Success
By: Wright Motion Picture Studios
Achieve Success by Using Daily Motivational Quotes
Achieve Success by Using Daily Motivational Quotes
LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK - May 14, 2021 - PRLog -- @KevinDouglasWright on the Instagram app is a resource for daily motivational quotes that is growing in popularity.

"Everything is possible with motivation," began Mr. Kevin Douglas Wright, the creator of the motivational page on Instagram and an independent filmmaker known for the 'I Learned It From You' documentary series and the teen melodrama 'Royal Love Story From The Grave'.

"Success in anything can only be attained by pure luck occurring as a one-time event or by us taking action on a daily basis until we are successful."

Motivational quotes can be used for inspiration when one is struggling with life's challenges or when one is trying to achieve success in reaching a goal.

Wright continued, "What do we do when we are not motivated or inspired to do anything? This happens to all of us at some point in life. Sometimes we simply don't feel like doing anything!"

"That's why I created daily motivational #QuotesOnInstagram. Because sometimes we all need inspirational thoughts, words of encouragement, and daily support messages to re-energize us and 'fire us up' to 'keep moving on' and to not give up."

Motivation is having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. Inspiration is an influence upon one's mind or soul. Motivation and inspiration helps us overcome obstacles, life's challenges, and reach goals.

Wright added, "Every second, every minute, and every hour of our lives, we make a choice to 'take action' or 'do nothing' about our obstacles, our challenges, and our goals."

"If we are motivated and inspired by something on a daily basis, we will always 'take action' and be rewarded with success in getting what we want."

Where do we get a constant and never-ending source of motivation and inspiration?

Wright asked, "Where do you get your daily source of motivation and inspiration? Yes! Friends, family, and relatives can be a resource from time to time, but everyone has their own problems."

"Again, that's why I created a daily resource for motivation. We need something automatic, effortless. Something quick and easy. Something that reminds us of our powerful ability to focus and take action."

To receive daily motivational quotes, visit https://www.instagram.com/KevinDouglasWright/ and then click the blue "Follow" button.

"If you have never used Instagram before, it's very easy to get and use this social media app. Simply visit instagram.com and click 'Sign Up'. After signing up, use the search box to search for @KevinDouglasWright and then click the blue 'Follow' button," Wright ended.

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