Bidding Now Open for the NFT Artwork For Sale Entitled 'The Sunrise' by Digital Artist, Kevin Douglas Wright

Place Bid to Buy NFT Art Online by Auction Today until April 15, 2021 at 6:19am EDT
By: Wright Motion Picture Studios
NFT For Sale: The Sunrise by Kevin Douglas Wright
NFT For Sale: The Sunrise by Kevin Douglas Wright
NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES - April 12, 2021 - PRLog -- 'The Sunrise' by Kevin Douglas Wright is now being sold by auction online-only. This work of art is one-of-a-kind from an NFT Series. Bids are being accepted from now until Thursday 04/15/2021 at 6:19 AM (EDT).

'The Sunrise' is the first piece of digital art (crypto art) to be released for sale from the collection and NFT drop entitled "The Beauty, Splendor, and Vastness of Change" by crypto artist Kevin Douglas Wright.

"The inspiration for this collection comes from my love for the idea and necessity of 'change'. In life, sometimes 'change' is viewed as good, bad, or impossible. So, which is it? Should we, as people and a society, 'change things' in ourselves and in society," Wright began.

"For many years, I noticed that nature gives us profound examples that 'change' is something noble, majestic, and something we may want to emulate."

In 'The Sunrise', Wright used high-definition, digital video to capture a profound change in nature at a specific location in the world and at a specific moment in time.

Wright detailed, "What makes this artwork such a treasure of inestimable value is that this specific occurrence that I painstakingly captured will never, ever happen again in anyone's lifetime."

"If this occurrence was not captured, that moment would have expired without anyone being able to fully experience it and contemplate its significance and contribution to the idea and worthiness of 'change'."

'The Sunrise' is art in motion and transformation. The piece begins at dawn on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Then, varying degrees of light, a far-reaching palette of colors, and elegant movements all change constantly. The piece ends with the sun dramatically breaking through the clouds.

Wright ended, "I definitely envision this piece being displayed in an art gallery for NFTs and crypto art or being displayed in the home of one fortunate and discerning art collector."

"'The Sunrise' is a rare NFT and will always be a gentle reminder of the power of change no matter where it resides."

After experiencing this digital work of art, one question remains. Is 'change' good, bad, or impossible? The thought-provoking changes in nature, captured by the skill of this NFT artist, offers an answer.

To discover more about 'The Sunrise' or to bid now to acquire it, click the following… The Sunrise by Kevin Douglas Wright

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