Groundbreaking Book Offers New Program to Halt and Reverse Overeating and Obesity

A landmark book by two nutrition and lifestyle researchers offers documented proof that it's possible to overcome overeating, overweight, and obesity by nourishing ourselves multidimensionally each time we eat. The authors' scientifically sound program re-envisions nutritional health by including both what and how we eat. The end result: a holistic, "whole person" model and program that leads to a deeper, healthier relationship to food, eating, and weight loss.
By: Deborah Kesten, MPH
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Whole Person Integrative Eating book cover
Whole Person Integrative Eating book cover
SAUSALITO, Calif. - Feb. 3, 2020 - PRLog -- For over 25 years, nutrition researcher Deborah Kesten, MPH and behavioral scientist Larry Scherwitz, PhD have conducted research showing that food has a powerful influence on physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being and in turn, overeating, overweight, and obesity. Their new book, Whole Person Integrative Eating: A Breakthrough Dietary Lifestyle to Treat the Root Causes of Overeating, Overweight, and Obesity—with a foreword by Dean Ornish, MD and published by White River Press—shows how overeating and overweight may be halted, even reversed, by the Whole Person Integrative Eating® dietary lifestyle.

"If people follow the revolutionary program outlined in this game-changing, insightful book, it may be the most helpful step they can take toward losing weight and keeping it off," says bestselling author Kenneth Pelletier, MD, clinical professor of medicine at University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco.

Divided into three parts, Whole Person Integrative Eating begins by describing seven root causes of overeating: Emotional Eating, Food Fretting, Fast Foodism, Sensory Disregard, Task Snacking, Unappetizing Atmosphere, and Solo Dining. It then offers the "What's Your Overeating Style? Self-Assessment Quiz," a 76-item questionnaire that helps readers identify their unique food choices and eating behaviors that lead to overeating and weight gain.

Part Two provides a step-by-step guide to the science-packed antidotes for each  overeating style. It also explains why the elements of the WPIE dietary lifestyle work and how they can be incorporated into daily living. Part Three offers over 30 WPIE-based, international, optimal-eating recipes. The WPIE focus: fresh, whole, "inverse eating" recipes that are mostly plant-based foods with lesser—or no—portions of animal-based foods.

Whole Person Integrative Eating concludes with an Epilogue that shares Kesten and Scherwitz' thoughts about how to reshape the obesity crisis in America.

Deborah Kesten, MPH is an international nutrition researcher and award-winning author specializing in preventing and reversing obesity and heart disease. Her website is

Larry Scherwitz, PhD received his doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and trained in psychophysiology at Harvard Medical School. His research has been published in medical journals including The Lancet and Journal of the American Medical Association.

Whole Person Integrative Eating
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