Futurist Report, "Temporal Escape", Warns Of Potential Iranian Super Weapon Development

In the wake of Iran's threats of retaliation, for the U.S. the killing of Iranian Quds commander, Qassem Soleimani, mention of research into a theoretical wormhole missile technology last week, has serious,new significance.
Missiles. (source, CIA)
Missiles. (source, CIA)
TEHRAN, Iran - Jan. 5, 2020 - PRLog -- A report released days ago, on solving the threat of extinction level events through little known, ongoing research into time travel, contains a mention that may have been overlooked - amidst the overwhelming breakthrough science and policy ideas the report contained. That mention was of a potential new weapon, that would render NORAD impotent, in the theoretical physics research of one Mohammed Mansouryar. Mansouryar, an Iranian who attempted to move to the U.S. but was never allowed, joined the Iranian Air Force in 2008. From the IRIAF he went to MODFAL and was connected to the Iranian AMAD which is linked to the development of nuclear weapons.

The report, by the internationally followed research engineer on advanced concept sci/tech, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng, reveals stunning facts. Marshall writes,

"Confirming my estimations, I found a reply to a question from researcher Tim Ventura in an interview for the website American Antigravity Tim asks, 'How would a spacecraft based on your vision operate? Would it basically disappear in one point in space and re-appear in another, or would it appear to actually move faster than light, perhaps like the
Star Trek series often portrays?', to which Mansouryar replies, 'I don't want to limit the application of this physics to just spacecraft, but as I've stated to many people, the final aspiration is reducing the 'pain of physical distance to humanity, in any manner one can imagine.'

"Within that context, as an American, the irony is not lost me...since the physical distance from the USA to other nations, throughout our history, has been seen as positive, natural defense - from Japan, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, North Korea and yes, in this modern era - Iran... I'm sure the obvious implications weren't lost on his military superiors at MODFAL who specifically had him there to research his ideas on spacewarps…"

Marshall admits Manouryar's physics ideas are highly speculative but the danger is they were taken seriously by Iran's military elite - over a decade ago.

"NORAD wouldn't be able to track a missile with that technology. How far is Iran from having it?"

The report is in its entirety at Academia.edu (see https://www.academia.edu/41204621/TEMPORAL_ESCAPE ) where Marshall has a growing following and Temporal Escape is being read in 30 countries so far around the world - from the likes of Russia, Serbia, Belgium and Sweden to Nigeria, Egypt, India, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Jake Shisler
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