Poseidon Expeditions Offers Close Encounters with Reindeer and Polar Bear on High Arctic Cruises

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Providence - Rhode Island - US

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Nov. 20, 2019 - PRLog -- The specialists in Arctic cruises, Poseidon Expeditions, offers opportunities aplenty in the high Arctic wilderness between Norway and the North Pole to see reindeer as well as the King of the North, polar bear in their natural habitat. On Arctic Wildlife Safari (https://poseidonexpeditions.com/arctic/west-spitsbergen-and-ice-cap/) and Best of Svalbard (https://poseidonexpeditions.com/arctic/spitsbergen-and-polar-ice-edge/) cruises, guests can observe and learn such fun facts about these animals as…

·         A reindeer's hide is covered with hair follicles that are hollow and that trap air that provides insulation.

·         Their noses warm the air before it reaches the lungs.

·         In the winter, facial hair grows long to the mouth, protecting muzzles while grazing in snow.

·         Both male and female reindeer sport antlers.

·         They vocalize through air sacs in their neck, males warning other males away from girlfriends and females communicating with their young.

·         The knees of one subspecies of reindeer make a clicking noise while walking, sounds that allow a herd to stay together in a blizzard.

And about the polar bear?

·         Adult females often weigh between 500 and 600 pounds; males are double these weights.

·         Ask anyone what color a polar bear is and they'll reply "white" (https://poseidonexpeditions.com/arctic/west-spitsbergen-a...) with total confidence. The fact is, their fur is actually transparent and holds no color. It only appears white because it reflects visible light.

·         When polar bears swim, they use their large front paws to propel themselves through the water and their back legs to steer. They can actually move pretty fast at approximately at 6 mph.

·         They can go days, even weeks, without eating. When they reach a week or more without food, their metabolism slows down and goes into starvation mode until the next meal.

·         Two-thirds of polar bears could disappear by 2050 due to disappearing hunting grounds, or sea ice.

Guests may also access beluga whales via kayak (https://blog.poseidonexpeditions.com/how-to-kayak-with-wh...). Paddling with these gentle and intelligent creatures in the wild is a life-changing experience, especially if it happens to be a pod of over a hundred beluga whales swimming in long procession past and underneath the kayaks.

Poseidon Expedition's sea kayak guides follow wildlife viewing and protection protocols developed by the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO (https://poseidonexpeditions.com/about/partners/association-of-arctic-expedition-cruise-operators/)) and International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO (https://poseidonexpeditions.com/about/partners/iaato/)).

For inquires and reservations in North America, agents can contact the company's Providence, RI, office at SalesUSA@poseidonexpeditions.com or by telephone at 347-801-2610.

PR Contact: Dave Wiggins / dave@travelnewssource.com / 720.301.3822

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Location:Providence - Rhode Island - United States
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