AVANTE Introduces Positive Train Control System with Total Visibility

Real-Time Alerts to Oncoming Train for Switch Point Position Alignment and Rail Track Obstruction
AVANTE PTC with Below Ground Wireless "Eurobalise"
AVANTE PTC with Below Ground Wireless "Eurobalise"
PRINCETON, N.J. - Aug. 25, 2019 - PRLog -- In the upcoming Railway Interchange railway exhibition on September 22-25, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, AVANTE will introduce its positive train control (PTC) system coupling with total visibility solution for full forward visibility of clearance and switch point position alignment conformance.

Train Locating System Beyond GPS and Eurobalise for Positive Train Control
Both the US and EU are busy implementing positive train control systems to improve and rail safety for almost 10 years. Similar to the implementation in US, while 2,400 miles of interoperable ETCS-ERTMS systems were deployed and operable in EU today, the 30,000-mile "Core Network" of railroads are not expected to be finished until 2030.

Imagine if there is an alternative sensor-based automatic train control system that can be implemented at less than 20% of the costs and 1/10 of the time and without disrupting the current train operations. Even if such system is implemented as a bridge or supplementary system, would it be worthwhile for consideration? AVANTE Positive Control System is designed with the painless implementation from free of interruption to train services and at much lesser costs. Instead of the wired locator units such as Eurobalise, a wireless device submerged underground or concrete can be installed in each track location in minutes rather than hours or days. The location reader of this patent-pending system is installed underneath the train engine with similar on cab computer system to provide the visibility and control.

Full Visibility of Switch Position and Unforeseen Track Obstruction
According to the US Department of Transportation, there are about 5,800 train-car crashes each year in the United States, most of which occur at railroad crossings. More than half of all fatal train accidents occur at train crossings that do not have active safety devises or have safety devices that are simply inadequate or, in some cases, have no safety devices to alert unsuspecting motorists. AVANTE Rail Visibility System is a patented solution (US 10,315,673; 9,434,397; 9,937,938 and pending patents) developed to provide visual image and alert in real-time and in all-weather conditions for rail level crossing, rail track obstruction, rail switch position alignment and integrity. With judicial placement of forward-facing multi-spectrum video and radar imaging systems, coupled with broadband communication provide onboard digital images and alerts to train engineers that not only eases anxiety but avoid accidents when obstructions lay ahead. This cost effective system provides all weather visibility for blind spots, level crossings and other critical rail sections to prevent accidents.

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