AVANTE Introduces Independent Real-Time Rail Switch Point Position and Switch Point Gap Monitoring System

Real-Time Alerts for Non-Conformance to Oncoming Trains and Control Center
AVANTE Switch Point Monitoring System Provides Independent Position and Gap Data
AVANTE Switch Point Monitoring System Provides Independent Position and Gap Data
PRINCETON, N.J. - Aug. 29, 2019 - PRLog -- AVANTE will introduce its independent rail switch point position and gap monitoring system in the upcoming Railway Interchange exhibition on September 22-25, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Correct position and the integrity of closure between stock rail and switching blade is critical for the train operation safety. Many fatal accidents have been caused by the switch point was not in correct alignment with the oncoming train. The point gap between switch point to stock rail being too wide or out of adjustment, and worn or broken switch point also caused major accidents. According to FRA, turnout errors caused close to 10% of all rail accidents and are often severe.

AVANTE patented rail switch monitoring system that provides independent switch position and quantitative gap data
  • AVANTE Switch Point Monitoring System monitors the switch position independently and in real-time. When interfaced with the train scheduling system, provides both the central command center and the oncoming train with the true alignment of the relevant switch point position. When and if there is error in switch position for the approaching train, automatic alert to the train engineer and whenever available, direct interface with the onboard positive control system for automatic control to slow down or stop the train in danger.
  • The quantitative direct measurements of the switch point gap to the stock rail affords a visibility to the degree of worn or out of adjustment over time to allow maintenance and/or replacement be performed in time to avoid major accidents.
  • AVANTE Switch Point Monitoring System uses contactless and robust technology in measuring the switch point gap from zero (complete closure) to 15 millimeter and operates in pair for each rail switch system for redundancy and accuracy.
Installation without Interfering with Daily Operation
The switch point monitoring sensors take only minutes to clipped onto the stock rail and switch contact zone. They can be installed without interfering with the normal train operation.

The visibility of the rail switch point position relative to the approaching train schedule and the quantitative measurement of switch point gap for safe train operation. It also enhances the operational efficiency by stopping most if not all of the 10% accidents that besides costs but also many days out of routine rail operations and system availability.

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