AVANTE Debuts Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System to Provide Real-Time and Live Track Integrity Trending Data During Daily Operations

Real-Time Alerts in case of Track Gauge Widening Exceptions for Accident Prevention
Real-Time Live Operation Track Gauge Trending Data for Preventive Maintenance
Live & Real-Time Autonomous Track Gauge Measurement System vs Semi-Manual System
Live & Real-Time Autonomous Track Gauge Measurement System vs Semi-Manual System
PRINCETON, N.J. - Sept. 5, 2019 - PRLog -- AVANTE International Technology, Inc. is proud to debut its patent-pending imaging  "Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System" (ATGMS) for direct and real-time geo-tagging gage during daily live train operation. The quantitative track gauge  data are collected with system directly attached to the train engine during live operations of heavy haul and mass transit rail systems. AVANTE will demonstrate its ATGMS in the upcoming "Railway Interchange" exhibition on September 22, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Live, Real-Time Geo-Tagged Track Gauge Widening Trending Data for Preventive Maintenance

Track geometry (including track widening), broken rails or welds, and buckled track induce majority of rail accidents such as derailment and other damages.  These track degradation that cause the accidents are gradual and have different root causes. Periodic inspection by human tends to be subjective and does not provide adequate predictive capability. Semi-manual or semi-automated process such as using Track Geometry Vehicle lacks the actual rail operation condition such as heavy load with different velocities on the track. The patent-pending system and solution by AVANTE is designed to provide direct data with geo-tagged images for cause analysis. Instead of using complex laser profiling based technology, more robust and direct measurement technologies of imaging time-of-flight and imaging pattern recognition technology are used. This robust system is inert to the mechanical vibration during train operation. AVANTE ATGMS also integrated accelerometer with gyroscopic function for direct coupling for sensing dynamic level crossing and other structural defects. In addition, AVANTE ATGMS also incorporated a geo-tagged track real-time temperature monitoring for excessive temperature excursions alerts.

Real-Time Alerts for Impending Accident Inducing Track Defects
Manual and semi-manual rail track inspection processes and methods besides not adequate and non-predictive for maintenance, even more importantly, inspection work often comes at the expense of rail services that is a high cost center activity. With the live and geo-tagged track integrity data, the degree and rate degradation also provide the ability to provide preventive maintenance scheduling. When the degradation or defects exceeded the limits for preventive maintenance, real-time alerts will be generated and communicated to control center for accident prevent intervention.

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