World's First Autonomous Rail Track Defects Detection and Imaging System for Accident Prevention

 Live Geo-Tag Measurement and Imaging of Rail Track Defects During Daily Operation
 Direct Correlation of Quantified Track Gauge, Cross-Level, and Cant/Tilt with Images of Underlining Track Structure
AVANTE System Quantifies Rail Defects with Geo-Tagged Images in Live Operation
AVANTE System Quantifies Rail Defects with Geo-Tagged Images in Live Operation
PRINCETON, N.J. - Sept. 5, 2019 - PRLog -- AVANTE is proud to introduce a world's first "Autonomous Rail Track Defects Detection and Imaging System" for geo-tagging and imaging of rail track defects including stock rail head worm and crack, fasteners defects, tilt and dip of specific section of track.  AVANTE will demonstrate this patent-pending "Autonomous Rail Track Defects Detection and Imaging System" in the upcoming Railway Interchange exhibition on September 22, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Live Geo-Tagged Rail Track Gauge Data with Underlining Rail-Fastener-Tie bar Images for  Trending Track Geometry Issues
Broken rails, track geometry, wide gauge, and buckled track induces the majority of derailment accidents. Periodic manual inspection does not provide quantifiable and trending data. Trending data such as slowly widening of track, increasing number of defective fasteners  and/or broken tie bars (sleepers) in the same areas, and increasing magnitude of rail canting and/or tilting, afford preventive maintenance planning. Forced instead of planned maintenance of rail track often causes costly extended service interruption.

Live train with heavy haul or mass transit exerts large lateral and vertical forces on the track. The operational measurable track widening, cant and tilt cannot be observed under manual and semi-manual inspection condition. AVANTE system quantifies the degradation over times to distinguish the trending or sudden degradation.

When the geo-tagged images of the rail head, fasteners, and cant/tilt data are used in conjuction with the geo-tagged track gauge widening data measured concurrently or separately with  AVANTE Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System (ATGMS), a correlation and confirmation of quantified sensor data with images to provide a powerful and complete picture of the rail track safety condition.

Real-Time Alerts for Impending Accident Inducing Track Defects
Manual track inspection processes and methods besides not adequate and non-predictive, these inspections often come at the expense of rail services and thus is a high cost center activity.

In case of sudden rail track degradation due to flash flooding or other natural causes, the quantitative measurements of gauge width, cross-level, and cant/tilt is even more critical for preventable accidents. When the defects exceeded the limits set for preventive maintenance, real-time alerts will be generated and communicated to control center for intervention.

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