Go Daddy Has New Website Builder - Website Guru Review

Even someone with no skills can build a website, or so goes the claim of many website building tools and apps. Has GoDaddy finally made that statement come true, Randy Kirk has been building sites for 23 years. Here's his take.
By: Randy Kirk & Associates
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Inside page on my new GoDaddy website at SellMoreNow.Biz
Inside page on my new GoDaddy website at SellMoreNow.Biz
LOS ANGELES - July 31, 2017 - PRLog -- Back in 1994, I waited breathlessly for the phone call I was expecting. Al had promised that his new invention would be huge, and that I should jump on board immediately. 23 years later I have to admit that Al Gore's Internet was by far his best contribution to America. And I took him up on his recommendation big time.

My company immediately created its first website of many.

But even though I have been "building" websites for 23 years, I have never done a line of code. I have had peeps for that. During the past ten years, I have "built" over 50 websites for the clients of my marketing consulting business. My team has used various approaches from very simple Word Press sites to complex uniquely created sites.

Then I get an email from GoDaddy, saying I can build a website for free using their new Website builder. For my own business, the marketing consulting business, I have never had a "website," preferring to use a blog such as http://help4smallbusiness.blogspot.com as my website. It seemed more appropriate for what I do.

But, I had a few minutes to play, so I decided to give it a go.

Hour 1: was constantly prepared to throw in the towel and let my staff finish the effort, or just continue to use the blog as website.

Hour 2: I was actually having fun. Seriously. It was so easy, intuitive, flexible, and forgiving that I didn't want to stop. My plan was to do five pages. But when I'd finished five pages I wanted to do more.

Instead of adding a bunch more pages, I actually ended up expanding the pages I had created, then linking many shorter idea starters to the blog for longer articles. See the results: https://SellMoreNow.Biz

But I'm nowhere near done. I'm going to set up a video page, a testimonials page, a current clients page, a resources page, a future of marketing page, a best online marketing approaches for 2017 page, a best practices for website building page, a let me help you write a book page, and on and on.

There are a few negatives. There is a tendency for the spacing to give two spaces between words and it is really noticeable. There are limitations on character counts for some locations. As with any template, there are lots of limitations, but far fewer than most.

In case you couldn't guess, I'm giving the GoDaddy Website Builder a solid 5 stars.


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