Tradr, A New Platform Set to Revolutionize TV Media Buying, Is Launched

Technology empowers advertisers to reach TV viewers with the granularity of digital marketing
By: Media Design Group
Tradr logo
Tradr logo
LOS ANGELES - June 29, 2017 - PRLog -- Media Design Group has released Tradr, a new media buying platform that will give television advertisers the ability to reach individual viewers with the granularity of digital marketing. Tradr uses advanced demographic and psychographic audience data that, when combined with automated media buying, delivers advertising messages to hyper-targeted households and individual viewers. The result is a more cost effective and efficient approach to delivering both linear and non-linear spot TV advertising. In partnership with leading addressable TV platforms, Tradr reaches prospects more likely to be interested in the message, and eliminates audience waste for whom the advertisement may lack relevance.

"Clients are frustrated with how fragmented TV buying has become and find it counter-productive that most so-called programmatic TV buying solutions are either a resale of marginalized inventory with little to no true rate transparency, or limited media sourcing due to TV content providers' hands in the marketplace," explains Media Design Group's CEO Stacy Durand. "We're not about that nor do we wish to be which is why we endeavored to come up with a better solution: Tradr."

Impressions are made available for clients to buy by viewer segmentation like "Tradr's Baby Boomer Package," which uses multiple layers of data to hyper-target an audience and deliver it via Tradr's suite of dynamic media sourcing. Clients have the option of having Tradr build out a plan geared toward reaching a desired audience, or simply build out a plan based on Tradr's audience and media filters until their target budget and integrated marketing plan goals are achieved.

"With Tradr we've partnered with some of the leading technology companies in the space to deliver an agnostic approach to buying TV media," adds agency President Ben Zimmerman. "Tradr uses elements of automation, addressability, and dynamic media sourcing to deliver accountable audience measurement, without losing the critical human element. Like any technology, it's only as good as the individual driving it. We've managed millions of dollars of media for start-ups and high-profile brands with a singular focus: delivering measurable results. Tradr's engine, combined with the singular experience of our media planning and buying staff, will allow us to take accountability and target-ability to the next level. We want our clients to feel like when they pay for women 18-34 in the market to buy a Ford, for example, that we have measurable data to both find and deliver that audience."

About Media Design Group: Founded in 2008, Media Design Group is an independent, Los Angeles-based media planning and buying agency. Built on a cornerstone of determination and innovation, the agency is focused on partnering with clients who are looking to market their product or service effectively and efficiently with impactful media that is measurable and accountable.

About Tradr: Tradr is a proprietary media buying platform that leverages deep consumer data with the ability to reach individuals and households using addressable media platforms, automation and dynamic media sourcing. When combined with experienced human oversight, Tradr yields efficiencies that enable advertisers to reach hyper-targeted audiences with relevant messages based upon viewer's demographic and psychographic characteristics.

For more information, contact: Ben Zimmerman, President of Media Design Group, at


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