Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Works On Effort To Help Victims of the Ronald Mallett Scam, Time Travel X

As the support structure of what has been called, The Mallett Myth, continues to collapse since the shutdown of World Patent Marketing by the FTC, Marshall Barnes offers help to the victims of its time travel research scam with Ronald Mallett.
Ronald Mallett: "The greatest fraud in the history of physics". Copyright 2007
Ronald Mallett: "The greatest fraud in the history of physics". Copyright 2007
MIAMI - April 14, 2017 - PRLog -- In an extraordinary show of empathy and solidarity, internationally noted R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes is working on
a way to help victims of the Scott J. Cooper and Ronald Mallett scam, Time Travel X, to recoup their lost money in the wake of the FTC shut down of parent company, World Patent Marketing, of Miami, FL.

"I feel bad for these people. They bought Time Travel X because they loved the idea of time travel and wanted to see it happen. Unfortunately, they were lied to by the biggest fraud in the history of physics, Ronald L. Mallett and his co-conspirator Scott J. Cooper".

Surprisingly for some, these are the words of Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng who had sworn to crush Time Travel Technologies, LLC, a fund raising firm for Ronald Mallett's alleged time travel research. They were selling what they called a "theoretical commodity", whose value was stated to be linked to that of BIt Coin. Mallett has been Marshall's chief rival, in only his ability to monopolize publicity and get people to believe what had become an increasingly baseless story of how he was always "on the verge" of making the world's first time machine - even after Marshall had already beat him to it. But it was when Scott J. Cooper came and added Mallett to his so-called, Advisory Board, that Mallett's activities became out and out fraud.

"The level of lies out of those two was just beyond the sun, they were so off the charts", Marshall laughed, "and yet so easy to prove they were lies!"

Cooper issued a press release in 2015 claiming Mallett was in a "hotly contested race" to build the first time machine but Cooper's firm, World Patent Marketing were placing their bets on him. The only problem - Mallett had not only lost the race two years prior, (see ) but his time machine design had been proved to be completely worthless, not only by Marshall, but nationally known physicists like J.R. Gott, Ken Olum, Alan Everett, Michio Kaku, Kip Thorne and allegedly, Stephen Hawking. But the lies didn't stop there.

"Look, the bottom line is they didn't have anything and they weren't going to have anything because Ronald Mallett is completely inept in the time travel physics area," Marshall coldly states.

"He doesn't have the knowledge, hasn't done the research and doesn't have the mental acumen to do it either and I mean that. Look, he's had to admit to PBS NewsHour his time machine design will require "stellar quantities" of energy to work which means the entire reason for him being this huge genius, was a sham. He is a fraud. He even admitted in his B.S. book, Time Traveler, on page 165, 'As a theoretical physicist, I learned long ago that I did not have the aptitude for experimental work'. What the Hell? I do, and you think in the face of the onslaught of technological things I have, and was already developing, that Cooper and Mallett were going to be able to withstand the tsunami I was about unleash?"

In a report sent to the Florida Consumer Protection Division, which was subsequently forwarded to the FTC after their take down of World Patent Marketing had started (see ), it stated,

"There is no comparison between Mallett and Marshall. Mallett has been trading on his name and the media's willingness to hype his personal story, while Marshall has been amassing a broad and significant area of breakthroughs and projects, which he is now about to unleash on the world.

Once it becomes widely known that Mallett has no such viable research potential, and that all of the development action and breakthroughs are happening with Marshall Barnes, that will be the end of the Time Travel X commodity. Those who have already purchased it, under the blatant and misleading promotions that have been utilized, may lose all of their money."

Among that 'tsunami' is the formation of the first human time travel test subject program, the ZeitNauts, the successful Rachel and Emily experiments detecting parallel universe decoherence (see ) discrediting Mallett two ways - first, his idea for LOTART, an early warning system sending signals to the past and second, Mallett told an audience at TEDxVienna last October the only way to know if parallel universes are real is to build the first time machine. Marshall has such a device but conducted the experiments with laser pulses, a conventional method that Mallett, if in fact he was a time travel scientist, could've thought of to advance his research.

"But he's NOT a time travel scientist," Marshall laughs, "he's a fraud, a fake, an impostor to the title, and now it will be obvious for everyone to see."

"Because of all the hype, even Spike Lee got suckered into paying for the rights to his life, for a movie that will probably never be made. What studio is going to want to bank roll something glorifying this fraud?".

Those who bought the Time Travel X commodity should go to Twitter and use the hash tag, #RonaldMallettVictimAid. They will have to show proof, they bought it, eventually to receive help.

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