Marshall Barnes Wins The Race Against Ronald Mallett To Create The 1st Time Machine

On the eve of Ronald Mallett appearing on Coast to Coast AM with George Noorey, Marshall Barnes announces that he has defeated Mallett in the race to build the first time machine.
Ronald Mallett has lost the Great Time Machine Race
Ronald Mallett has lost the Great Time Machine Race
Nov. 25, 2013 - PRLog -- In a dramatic experiment, last night at approximately 9:25 PM EST, Marshall Barnes proved that his much talked about Verdrehung Fan™ is the world's first time machine, surpassing the protocols set by Dr. Ronald Mallett when that University of Connecticut physics professor began to tell the world of his plans to be the first. However, between 2006 when his celebrated book, Time Traveler, was released and last night, Mallett has failed to build his machine, gain wide spread support from his physics colleagues, raise the $300,000 that he has needed or even write or conduct any breakthrough research in the subject of time travel. Conversely, Marshall, an independent research and development engineer, has written several important time and time travel articles featuring original work, done over 5 experiments related to time travel conceptually, been officially recognized by three government bodies for his work and has even issued a special report on time travel for Congress. In addition, he invented the Verdrehung Fan™ after multiple physicists and engineers encouraged him to do so because they believed that it would work since they already knew his STDTS™ technology, which warps space as it moves through it, would be the active force behind the Verdrehing Fan™. Marshall has proved himself to be far more of a time travel expert than Mallett could ever be.

In August of last year, Marshall constructed and then did initial tests of the device which began to exhibit unusual phenomena, some of which is still not understood completely, but in short order, Marshall was able to show that the machine was warping space around it which caused the fan itself to spin faster. It's worth noting that it is only a one speed fan. Marshall began to do public demonstrations of this fact, including several in science classes in high schools He even did a live demonstration during the radio show, The Chosen, hosted by Ron Mills "the Navigator" In late December of last year, Marshall announced that the Verdrehung Fan™ was indeed the first prototype for a time machine when he tested his device with a more powerful amplifier and noted that the space warping effect kicked in sooner, indicating that it was only a matter of increasing the power input and scaling up the size of the project and all calculations suggested that it would in fact result in what he and his associates called "a science fiction event", meaning a physical feat that would otherwise be classified as science fiction. He was noted as saying that he could scale it up to 14,000 watts.

"I knew that I was going to do another test before I declared myself the winner, but I didn't know that I was going to do the remote control test. I was talking with someone at a restaurant that I frequent and it just occurred to me to do the remote test because it wouldn't require sitting around and waiting for a signal to disappear as in the RF and IR experiments. I would just have to set the experiment in motion and then come back to it about 20 minutes later to try bouncing the remote control off of the VF to switch on the DVD player. If it didn't switch it on, after I had already shown that under normal circumstances that it would, then that's all I needed. Instead of switching it on and off, I decided to just make it go through various function modes and discovered that when the signal didn't get sent to the DVD player that the front panel display would go to a flat line, made of dashes."

Marshall reported that he did the test several times last night and then again early this morning, and each time, when the remote was aimed at the Verdrehung Fan™ after the field had been running close to 24 minutes, the remote signal would fail to reach the DVD player. The signal was disappearing into somewhere else in the area of the fan. The only explanation is that it is going through openings in spacetime itself, probably into the past.

This is a huge victory for Marshall and matches his prediction that he would beat Mallett before the end of this year. However, this is not the end of his research, but the first major step.

"This is like Kitty Hawk, it's a proof of concept demonstration. Next will be further research with more power, different configurations and additional equipment that will take us to creating wormholes that are programable as to where they will open up."

Marshall's time machine is one of his inventions that is featured in the new music video by Ben Porter, Lost In Time. That will premiere at the Great Time Machine Race web site, tonight at midnight. The site address is .
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