Canadian Patent Approval Granted for Kreussler’s SYSTEM4

Providing a safe, non-toxic alternative to PERC for dry cleaners, Kreussler has been awarded patents worldwide for their innovative dry cleaning product line: SYSTEMK4. See us at Clean Show in Atlanta for interviews and questions.
TAMPA, Fla. - April 14, 2015 - PRLog -- We’re proud to announce the Canadian Commissioner of Patents granted patent 2,763,392 to Kreussler GmbH for use of SYSTEMK4 in the Canadian dry cleaning market.

The Canadian patent joins the U.S. and patents globally awarded to Kreussler GmbH which recognize SYSTEMK4 as a state of the art invention and supports Kreussler’s ongoing efforts as the industry leader in innovative and unique solutions. The patent protects SOLVONK4 and the supporting Kreussler products as the only acetal-based textile cleaning system.

SYSTEMK4 provides the solution for dry cleaners faced with the question: what comes after PERC?  Environmentally non-toxic, safe for the workers and clients with unmatched cleaning performance and versatility, SYSTEMK4 offers the best solution for the industry today and for tomorrow.

Additional accolades for SYSTEMK4:

Patent approval for SYSTEMK4 granted in the following countries: United States Patent 8,801,807 Canada: Patent 2,763,392 Russia: Patent 2543715 Australia: Patent 2010264903 New Zealand Patent 597194 South Korea: Patent 10-2012-7001336

Over 1,000 dry cleaner machines in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe have chosen SYSTEMK4 as their safe, alternative dry cleaning system. Kreussler Inc. is proud of our commitment to the environment and will continue to strive for excellence for our clients.

About Kreussler:

Kreussler is a medium sized, family owned German chemical company, already in the fourth generation of the Kreussler family. Located in beautiful Wiesbaden on the Rhine River, Kreussler began in 1912 with the production of textile dying and other auxiliary agents for the textile industry.

Since 1985, Kreussler has led the European market in dry cleaning. The development of wet cleaning (Miele System Kreussler) and the winning of the 1991 State of Hessen Innovation Award are examples of how Kreussler continues to be a leader in textile care. Kreussler Inc. came to the US at in 1990 and has been changing the US market ever since.

The latest news from the labs at Kreussler is SYSTEMK4, it is the answer to environmentally friendly dry cleaning. Using a revolutionary new process, this halogen-free dry cleaning fluid is safe has excellent cleaning properties and is economical for dry cleaners. Kreussler’s commitment to creative and intelligent laboratories continues bringing the latest in industry-changing technology combined with superior quality to their clients.

To learn more about Kreussler Inc., you can visit us at We're also social media on Facebook and Twitter. We'll be at Clean Show 2015 in Atlanta, please stop by and say hello.

Peggy Fitzpatrick

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