What If E-Commerce And Social Media Had A Baby? They’d Give Birth To Buddy Buddy Buddy

Online shopping rewards platform dubbed "Buddy Buddy Buddy" is the answer to the dogged question of how to monetize social media with something other than click ads that few people see and even fewer people actually click on.
By: Do You Buddy
VISTA, Calif. - Feb. 2, 2015 - PRLog -- Vista, CA -- Monday February 2nd, 2015 -- "Do You Buddy", an Internet startup company out of the San Diego area has developed a very inventive shopping rewards platform called "Buddy Buddy Buddy".

Buddy Buddy Buddy is an integrated sales solution that does three important things:

1. It replaces Pay-Per-Click advertising with a Pay-Per-Sale model for online merchants -- the very first of its kind.

2. It draws on social media friend connections three levels down i.e. friends; friends of friends; and friends of friends of friends, to deliver an ongoing stream of sales referrals to online stores.

3. It produces exponential shopping rewards for consumers -- something that until now has never been available to online shoppers.

These three elements work together to monetize social media in a way that is completely unique to the web.

The company is seeking one bold investor who "gets it" and shares the vision of the grand potential of Buddy Buddy Buddy to help unveil it and scale it like nothing else before.

Because there is nothing at all like Buddy Buddy Buddy on the Internet.

Buddy Buddy Buddy will be available at participating online stores issuing Buddy Bucks rewards with purchases -- with additional rewards issued when social media friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends also purchase from the same store. Thus delivering the world's first exponential shopping rewards platform -- along with the Internet's first Pay-Per-Sale advertising model.  And while rewarded consumers drop off after three levels of rewards, the referrals themselves continue on unabated as additional shoppers are referred and rewarded and so on. The result is an endless stream of incentivized referrals for online merchants.

"Buddy Bucks" rewards will have outstanding redeem value with purchase at all participating stores. And, they are "portable" across all stores -- another first. In other words, Buddy Bucks rewards earned from purchases and referrals at the electronics store will be redeemable with purchase at the shoe store for example.

The time has come for a better way to advertise online. Merchants deserve a better shake for their advertising dollar. Paying a fee resulting from a sale is more attractive to merchants than paying for mere click-throughs as with pay-per-click, the dominant advertising model on the web. It's obvious most every merchant will feel the same way. Coined as "referral-tising", this is the basis of the web's first -- and only -- pay-per-sale advertising platform.

Within the next 3-5 years, Do You Buddy intends to capture a significant portion of Google's $38 Billion pay-per-click customer base with a superior pay-per-sale model -- and be the first company to do so. Merchants will quickly agree: "Why pay-per-click when You can pay-per-sale?" Further, Do You Buddy expects to capture the imagination of the 40% of online shoppers who already engage in some type of shopping rewards platform by offering them exponential rewards -- also which no one else is offering. Shoppers will quickly see: "Why collect rewards when you can collect exponential rewards?"

A typical plan for Internet startups is to wait to become entrenched and then at some point in their future unleash click ads on their unwitting users in order to generate revenue. Conversely, the nature of the Buddy Buddy Buddy platform sets it apart from many other startups in that it generates revenue from day one.

The company has come this far:

* Invented the platform

* Perfected the platform

* Built the platform

* Tested the platform

All that is left to do is unveil it, and scale it like mad. That involves:

* Adapting the proprietary software to additional popular shopping carts

* Setting up more stores

* Getting the word out to the buying public at large

* Supporting the stores and shoppers

* Taking Google's pay-per-click customers away and turning them into Buddy Buddy Buddy pay-per-sale customers

* Riding off into the sunset with a boatload of money as Buddy Buddy Buddy chips away at Google's $38 Billion pay-per-click customer base.

Do You Buddy is seeking $1 Million in return for 25% of the company.

Do You Buddy

2215 Tierra Verde Rd.

Vista, CA 92084

Contact: Dale Wozny, CEO

Phone: (949) 291-5901

Email: dale@doyoubuddy.com

Web: www.doyoubuddy.com

Dale Wozny
(949) 291-5901
Do You Buddy, Inc. PRs
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