Exponential Shopping Rewards - An Appealing New Concept From Buddy Buddy Buddy

Almost half of all online shoppers engage in some sort of rewards program. And while shopping rewards of all types are a treat for consumers, there is one emerging concept destined to out-reward them all.
By: Do You Buddy
VISTA, Calif. - Jan. 19, 2015 - PRLog -- Vista, CA -- Monday, January 19th, 2015 -- An Internet startup company called "Do You Buddy" has fashioned a new twist on the familiar concept of online shopping rewards by adding an element that draws on social media friend connections in such a way as to deliver exponential shopping rewards. All the consumer has to do is share purchase information with social media friends... Who share it with friends... Who share it with friends. When any one of those friends also makes a purchase from the same online store, the rewards are issued down three levels to everyone in the loop.

When the number of friends of friends of friends is factored in, it equates to over two million opportunities to earn rewards -- all from sharing purchase info from just one purchase. It's kind of like six degrees of separation, except in this case it's three degrees of referrals.  The platform is called Buddy Buddy Buddy and is so named for the three levels of friend connections on which the rewards are based. And get this: merchants are going to love it because even though rewards are issued to three levels, the referrals continue on and on. It's sort of like a train. As the third rewarded shopper gets off, the next level shopper is there to continue the loop, so as they say, the train keeps on rolling and the stream of motivated, rewarded shoppers continues on unabated.

And one more reason merchants will quickly grow fond of the platform: it's a pay-per-sale format which will surely give Google and all other purveyors of standard pay-per-click advertising something to worry about. Traditional pay-per-click advertising charges merchants for visits to their site whether a sale is made or not. The Buddy Buddy Buddy platform charges merchants only after a sale is made. Plus, the vary nature of the platform is viral which means merchants will rely on customers to promote products instead of tired old click ads that most everyone ignores anyway. It's a new dawn for advertising with Buddy Buddy Buddy.

DoYou Buddy is still in a test phase at this time seeking investors to fully launch the platform and will be embarking on a Crowdfunder campaign early in 2015.

For more information on Buddy Buddy Buddy, visit http://www.doyoubuddy.biz

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